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Firstly, we truly enjoy rains in this part of the country. Second, I am sucker for candle light dinners! Third, nothing screams cozy to me than handmade. Now combine all 3 and you know you are in for a 100% cozy time that’ll warm the cockles of your heart. There is something absolutely splendid about sitting by the candle light, a centerpiece that you have made yourself, while it snows or rains. The soft wisps of candle and the pitter patter of rain on a tin roof while you curl up with a good series or book, kneading with your toes, your softest throw! There is very little in life that compares to this feeling unless ofcourse you have a raging fire and a gorgeous Christmas tree by the side. That compares! And probably even wins the game. But this is not Christmas and we are talking about DIY candles that you can easily make at home. So we will stick to that! Lest we trigger the ‘talk-about-your-granny-hate’.

DIY White Cement Candle Holder

All it needs are a few plastic containers, a few drops of coconut oil to smear, white cement or any cement and water! But the joy? Oh the joy of adding these to your table is simply unparalled. Here is the full tutorial

DIY Branch candle holder

On your next walk, pick up a nifty branch! And make this cute little DIY candle centerpiece. All you need are tapered candles and pins! See the full tutorial here

DIY romantic candle holders with empty bottles

Soda, cola, gin, tonic water, what do they have in common? Yeah yeah ok! All refreshing but…the great bottles they come in! Simply by dripping candles on them and then adding candles to it you can create a very, very romantic and whimsical candle holder.

FUN THING TO KNOW: Inspired by deformity, Pascal Smelik created a brilliant line for POLSPOTTEN that mimics a drippy candle! The candlestands are truly pure magic. Check here

DIY Romantic Tea cup candle

Got an extra teacup? Or the only one, the sole survivor from a set of 6?Turn it into a candle. Add your favorite fragrance if you must. A latte scented candle for your coffee time, a lilly of the valley perhaps for your evening tea or a rose or lavender for nighttime? These tea cup candles look soooooo cute! Omg. I want to say cute in the special Paris Hilton tone. Kyot!

All you have to do is melt wax, add wick and add melted wax! Cool them for 4 to 5 hours. Add them on a stack of books or by your nightstand! Couldn’t be simpler. Find full tutorial here



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