Hello and welcome beach decor lovers…We have a DIY tree branch candle holder today in trumatter land and I think you’ll quite love how a couple of pins/needles and a coat of white can magically change a dried tree branch into a beach chic candle holder! Interested? Hop along!

Not so long ago, when me and the husband decided to chill by the sea in our weekend Vespa, I got home a tree branch along with many other dusty collectibles: These were a part of my shoot that I did for blogadda and vespa. While I threw most things away, this branch made it to my storage. Honestly, I had no idea why I kept the branch- maybe I just liked its shape for the time being or was waiting upon an inspiration. I’ve been told that I have a habit of collecting “Kachda” (Trash) and the-one-who-is-wise doesn’t get why this branch is being fed with love in my cubicle. well, in decor world wise is not enough. In decor world, you need vision!

Edited_Branch holder 2So last week, when the room was empty and there were no old-wise-men to trample creativity, this little branch walked out of my trash room and begged me for some love. She said she can be a candle holder if I want her to be! Well, of course, said I. You’ll be the star in my house and shine bright defying what the society thinks your purpose is. Lets rebel together in white and revel in some crafty glory.

Wendy from Her-Ballistic Garden did a beautiful post with a DIY branch candle centerpiece and it’s been a while I wanted to have one of my own. This branch was perfect.

I didn’t want an elaborate one like Wendy’s, but a small one that’ll serve as/ part of my many vignettes. I also wanted a driftwood look, the sea-sun bleached color to go with the rest of my decor so I opted for a white paint and mixed a handful of plaster in it to give it a matte/woody look. You can opt out and color it in a color of your choice, minus the plaster too. You’ll get a glossier look.

Edited 3

One more reason why I used a plaster base is because I wanted certain parts chipped. With color, it’s difficult to get that woody, chipped bark sort of peeling. You can distress with paint, but you won’t be able to pull out sections, like I have done in this one. In addition, plaster gave it a lot more volume and highlighted its ridges well.  If you are trying to achieve a beach house, coastal style look plaster is something I’d recommend.

Here’s what you’ll need to make branch candle holder

A tree branch

1 tbsp plaster of paris

3 tbsp white paint, I used Asian Paints, pure white

A brush



A Plier


Edited 6

Here’s How to make branch candle holder

Step 1: Clean your branch well and place it on a table to see how it sits flat, best. You’ll need stability, so that’s first.

Step 2: Once you have found which side you have to work your needles, decide on how many candles you want it to hold. I used 3. Take 3 needles and simply hammer them at desired position. You’ll have to be a little gentle and careful here.

Step 3: Light a candle and warm each needle a little. Carefully ease the candle in the pin. If you do not warm the needle, the candle might break or chip. Let them sit for a while.

Step 4: Pull the candles out carefully and with the help of a plier pull the pins out. Attach the pins back in the candle. See photo here:

Edited branch 3

Step 5: Mix paint and plaster and brush the branch with it, generously. While the paint is still wet, mark the holes you have made for the candles to go in.

Step 6: Let dry for about an hour or two.

Step 7: Once its completely dry, tap parts of the wood with the back of a spoon to release some of the plaster. This is to expose the natural color underneath.

Step 8: Stud candles back in, light up and have a gala time!

Branch candle holderEnjoy!

and of course, how do you think this baby turned out? I am quite loving it in my home, this wee branch candle holder. This is one of the best weekend projects I have done by far. Very satisfied.

You all have a marvellous week and suggestions welcome. I love to hear from you about what you think 🙂

Cheers, Rukmini XO




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