Hey you all! How you doing in your neck of woods? Looks like the party season has finally ended- with my birthday being the last- and boy, am I glad to be sitting here writing this blog post, with a cup of tea and a room full of normalcy. This is recuperating, not complaining, of course, for all you cranes who will be judging me by the first line as a party pooper. Much as I like partying, I like my space and my corner and my cuppa, just the way I like it. But there is one more thing I really enjoy. Children’s photography among all other photography!

If you know me well, all you’ll need to make me disappear from wherever you want me gone is a good camera. There of I will leave you alone and not even bother if you are being eaten by a tiger 😉 I can stay an entire day with a cam and there is nothing else I enjoy as a hobby as much as I do photography. You wouldn’t believe this but most of my decor sense comes from, “How will it look in a photograph”. So, last weekend when I found two lovely subjects in the loveliest setting ever {which is a beach} I couldn’t resist shooting a bit!

Rishan tanaya

My sister in law’s son is adorable! He has his own nag styles but that is no concern for the photographer now! The cutesy little thing on the right is my eldest sis-in-law’s daughter and I can’t even begin as to how opposite she is to her cousin. While the boy is full of lively expression and demands and rights and 1 million face forms, the girl has the voice of sugar and finds everything beautiful. It is, indeed, that men are from mars and women are from venus. Nature intends us to be certain ways you know…there is no taking offence here!

tanaya rohanAnd this ladies and gentlemen is my favorite-child-in-a-grownup’s-body. He is my husband, and he is nothing short of a child. I love how I am the apple of his eyes at least in this photo 😉 Pretty hilarious if you ask me. I didn’t intend to click a photo as this but anyway…

These children seem to be very content with each other and the pebbles and the beach and never really did mind the photographer.

TanayaThis is her, saying “WOW”. Yes, she loves the word wow and loves flowers. You have to hear her saying the W word. It’s almost as if she’s found the best flower in the whole world. This moment is a photographer’s delight. Seriously, had it not been for my camera and the children, I would be so effin bored. Like bored out of my wits and minds. I always get bored. A lot!


So when I came back and was editing these photos, I thought if I could do some more shoots…of course there are not enough children in this side of the hemisphere…so if you are planning on doing a photoshoot of your child/children and if you are in and around Mumbai, I’ll be happy to shoot them. Come on mamas…you know where to write to me!

For now, adieu.

beach love to you, childrens smile to you and silliness to you – all the time!

Let’s never grow up!

Roy XO




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