Its a shame that all these years I didn’t do enough monsoon content. I did summer and then festive and a very nice cozy winter but somehow I totally skipped a whole season. How did it not occur to me in 10 long years of blogging? I truly think like my wisdom tooth, my wisdom is also slow release. But atleast it’s not completely missing eh?

So running through June and July and upto August, you will find a whole lot of monsoon content here in this blog. This will include home refresh for the season, beautiful tableware that brings in the cozy to your rainy day dates, organization and home scents because you need to keep these two things on point specially during the monsoons, cleaning hacks and ways because its a great time to be outdoors, we often bring the mud and the germs in, a list of good native food to munch on and ofcourse- Cats! We will, for the first time, talk about monsoon care for pets.

And what better time than today to start our monsoon content! Yeah?

Here’s a nifty idea for keeping mud & germs away this monsoon

How many times have you walked in your home completely drenched? Soaking wet and muddy and full of precious dirt from our great streets? And how many times have you walked in leaving a trailing line of water behind you? Im sure its plenty. By the time one gets to the changing spot half of your home is filled with water and mud. Not to mention the surfaces you have touched with your hands by then.

Make a cleaning basket for monsoon

Stack towels, floor cloths with clothes disinfectant, hand sanitizer and hydrating aloe gel. So when an unfortunate little rain drenched person knocks at your door (hahaha), you can hand him/her a towel, a floor cloth to drop their raincoat or bag, give sanitizer instantly! Spray the bag and the coat with disinfectant and leave to dry. Follow up hand sanitizing with aloe to not dry your skin!

I have a white carpet right next to the main door so I learnt this the hard way. Please listen to me and do this and see how much it helps. Great for walking pets too. Drop a floor cloth and clean their paws, give them a good dry towel rub!

Where to buy this basket from?

This is from Organisewithease– a company that facilitates organizing and home/office shifting. Spearheaded by Rohini, who is also a friend, I have always used baskets from organisewithease for my kitchen. You can see more here. Their baskets are super sturdy, works beautifully and I love them.

Specially the two tiered ones as seen here.

So yeah, all geared up for a nice little monsoon season? I certainly am. Cant wait to show you all the lovely things I have planned for you.

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