The best detox spot in your house is the balcony; everyone loves it. And yet, oftentimes, while decorating one’s home for the monsoon season, one misses this spot. Perhaps because there is this overarching feeling that it will get dirty, and there is no point in doing anything during the monsoons. Maybe. But if you hear me out, making the balcony monsoon ready is soul-crucial because you’d want to enjoy the rains. Sit back, relax, enjoy the season or throw magnifique monsoon-themed parties. Whatever it is that rocks your boat, we urge you to deck up your outdoor balcony space because its worth it!

Here are a handful of balcony decor ideas that truly worked for us.

Tried and tested monsoon decor tips that works

  • Cosy Rugs Are The Best but make them light and washable

A cozy rug in the balcony is luxury. But considering its monsoons, it is best to get rid of any silk and wool furnishings or carpets as they attract moisture and do not go well with the humid weather. The best option you can go for is dhurries or fabrics that are well-suited for monsoons like nylon and polyester. Thanks to it being 2022, we have tons of options to choose from. You know what I really like? The plastic woven ones. Looks so good, super easy to clean and lasts for ages!

  • Transparent Blinds for protection

So we get this a lot. How to decorate ones balcony during the monsoons without making it into a hot mess! Haha. I’d say transparent blinds are a great option as as they bring together two important functionalities- tough protection and style. Strong and long-lasting, they offer great protection against rough weather too. When you use transparent sheets, it not only ensures visibility but saves it from the rain too!

  • Create a dreamy setting with plants and flowers

Balconies help blur the line between indoors and outdoors, and monsoons are the perfect time to utilize its potential! Add plants and seasonal flowers to bring your balcony to life. Balsam, marigold, salvia, cosmos, zinnia- they all do fabulous during the rains! If you love plant drama, birds of paradise, monstera or even pothos can be fun addition to your balcony.   

  • Add a bit of color

Let me get this point straight. I don’t like my home to be a riot of colors like you are in a gypsy convention. But during monsoons I do love adding a bit of color. Add colors through curtains, cushions, vases and soft furnishing. My favorite colors would be moss, peach and terracotta. Very earthy, very cozy and works brilliantly with all those greys outside.

  • Take your glassware outside! 

Little candles flickering through tinted glass is probably one of my favourite sights in the world! Give it a backdrop of grey clouds and soothing rain and there’s nowhere else you’d rather be than that very spot. Recreate the monsoon romance in your balcony with glassware. Add dark tinted glass votives to get that soft glow and textured plain glass for that sparkly glow!

  • Recycling FTW!

Did you know that you can use unused bottles, tin cans, and reused bottles to decorate your balcony? Use old tin cans to plant your herbs and use them as a part of your center table. Use empty glass bottles to propagate your plants. Colored glass bottles can very well be your candle stands and tiki lamps. The options are endless.


Small ideas, but I promise they work! So, go ahead and enjoy a nice cup of chai and pakora in the cosy confines of your balcony while watching the rain and marveling at how pretty it all is. Life is too short to not get the best of balcony specially when there are seasons in our world!

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