Frankly, I am mentally in summer. I am also 5 scroll deep in blue and white summer decor and never in my life have I waited more for that sweltering 40 degree. I am done with cold. Punto. Fin. I want my aircon, my cold soul-curry, gin and tonic, feni with chilies, ice, cold shower and lemon grass diffuser. I want some moody black Swedish cross with lots of pink roses and complaint about the heat outside. I stay in Bombay and I am not feeling ok about this cold. Unlike a lot of my friends who are totally digging it! Haha. How though?

Regardless, I thought I’ll give you all a glimpse of what’s keeping me sane and motivated and show you a few of my favorite blue and white summer decor photos that are inspiring me greatly. I am also thinking of turning our Thursdays into a inspiration-post day so we can swoon collectively over beautiful homes and vignettes. What do you think? Yes? No? Comment away. I’d love to hear.

Right. Away to my favorite blue and white summer decor then…

This blue and white French Script Grain Sack Cushion

Source: Cedarhillfarmhouse

To begin with, colors! Love the dusty pink linen ruffled cushion, the blue and white grain sack cushion…actually, everything. Other than the rug, I want everything.

More Grain sack but make it upholstered

Source: Shabbyfufu

This summer I intend to upholster a few things with grain sack fabric and although black is more like my home, I’d not be surprised at all if I end up doing it in blue. So darn beautiful.

Egg-shell Blue Painted furniture

A rocker from Pinterest and our own blue painted wardrobe! I am truly dreaming in egg-shell blue when it comes to summer 22. I also want a vintage rocker. We may have space for it this year- well, you’ll see! You can read about our painted wardrobe here.

Some blue gingham and buffalo checks

Instictively we only think checkered when it comes to the latter part of the year. Gingham- perhaps but buffalo? Never! How cool will a set of blue and white buffalo checks look in your summer home eh?

Pure provence style blue and white summer decor

Source: Momooze

Rustic, moody, vibrant and yet sophisticated, simple and comforting. French provincial style is possibly one of my favorite decor styles and I love blue and white upholstered furniture with a side of houseplants and fresh flowers. Yum!

Que tal alguns azulejos – How about some Portuguese Azulejos Tiles?

I first saw Portugese tiles in Goa and I have been fascinated ever since! Portuguese blue and white tiles or Azulejos as they are called is a trademark of Portugal though it was conceived in Netherlands for the love of expensive Chinese blue and white porcelain! What started as geometric patterns quickly evolved into sceneries of day to day life and before you know it, elaborate Italian renaissance themes were being created with Azulejos, turning the streets of Portugal into a vision!

I always, always wanted a gate with bougainvillea and Azulejos and perhaps someday I’ll get it!

So for now, I got myself a set of gorgous Decoupaged trays inspired by Azulejos by Decoucycledbyakansha

Akansha and I met last year and I have been a fan of her decoupaged, recycled decor pieces since. This year she expanded her folio with functional items and I lapped up these gorgeous blue and white, Azulejos inspired tray and coasters. She also sent two gorgeous cannisters which I’ll shoot when I fill them in! How beautiful right? Perfect for serving summer drinks or creating a vignette! You can get in touch with her here

Btw, what are you guys dreaming of? How are you envisioning your summer? What colors are you eyeing? And what plans do you have? Tell me! Let’s get chatty.

Stay cool.


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