I re-did our old solid teakwood wardrobes with some moulding and paint and I have to tell you, it looks absolutely beautiful. A lot of you helped us in deciding the color on instagram too! And while the majority of votes were towards “wise sage”- a fabulous sage color, we decided to go with “Sensibility” simply because that gorgeous grey-warm-aqua was calling my name. I opened the can and I was instantly in love. There was no going back.

For those of you interested, the shade is Asian Paints Sensibility 8267 and the hex code is bfc9ce. Just in case you’d want to print a little paper and stick it on and see how it looks at the surface you are looking to paint.

In 2016, I gave our laminate wardrobe a makeover – I primed and painted it a bright white and it brought about a huge change in the overall look of our living room. This year however- a good 6 years after- I wanted a bit more out of the beautiful, robust ol’ cupboard. Some tactile interests you know…a bit of texture. So I went ahead and added wooden moulding to it.

Inspired by Picture Frame Moulding

I absolutely adore picture frame moulding and our wardrobe is inspired by how the moulding look on walls. It has three different sections on the front panel and two long channels on either side to balance the details. I also wanted the trim moulding to show through so I painted them with watered down white and distressed it later

So, in terms of year, we started with two pretty cupboards in 2013 when we got married. Then in ’16 I primed and painted them. This year I went a little experimental with trim moulding and it did pay off. Given below are the three stages of the cupboard.

Here’s a photo of the cupboard midway. I am not going to apologize for the mess! Homes get messy when you work. It’s alright! Also, I took the pain to paint that cable wire white too in the corner. Wuhoo. Somedays I tell you, I get this energy spurt. And over the years I have learnt that if you don’t use this energy spurt, a period of lazy-lull is soon to follow. So use that time to do whatever is on your list.

Trims, costs, sandpaper details

As for the trim moulding, we chose a 1″ astragal trim moulding. Astragal style offers a slightly raised, convex mid section and it adds a lot of detail as opposed to a plain trim. We also needed 10 x 10 ft. trims at 65/- rupees per 10 ft. So 650 bucks in total.

For sanding we used 180 grit sandpaper- any company is just about fine. I used Asian Paints Trustar. It really doesn’t matter. Sandpapers are 20 bucks a piece

Assembly took me 500 rupees because I needed “Sahil” (Please register this name. He is as dear to me as pramila and fixes almost everything in my home. From tub to trim moulding)

Paint costed me 580/liter. I needed 2 liters.

I gave the wardrobe 2 coats and then waited two days to paint the trim

Note: If you add painter’s tape on wet paint, the base paint will peel off when you peel the tape. So have patience. Wait for a few days before you tape and paint the trims.

Distress when the paint is still a bit wet with sand paper. Let dry. Then peel the tapes off! Voila!! New wardrobe in and under 3k!

And it looks so so cozy and beautiful. My husband actually asked me to redo the wardrobe in our bedroom too in similar fashion and that ladies and gentlemen is a huge relief. Because that guy is hard to please and he has appreciated this quite a few times. As a matter of fact every single one who walks in this house asks me about the wardrobe. Which frankly is full win! I mean who doesn’t want to modestly chuckle and say, “oh, no no, I DIY’d the old cupboard….” and smile sheepishly over a cup of tea? Right?

I guarantee happiness. If you are looking to give an old wardrobe some love, wait no more. This is the time.

Off for dinner now. I hope you find this blog post useful!


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  1. This looks sooooo smashing I don’t have a wardrobe but this is so good that I feel like getting one just to add mouldings and paint it this colour.

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