Growing up, over the cupboard storage was a thing. And it was not really a good thing. It didn’t matter if you stayed in a rental or in your own house- the over the cupboard storage situation was quite messy. Rows and rows of blankets, either tied up in a cloth or in their transparent cases, harmoniums, tool boxes, suitcases (attachee? remember?) – you name it. And surprisingly, no one ever thought, a nice basket or a big box would look nice. Not even my mom who was very aesthetic forward. On the contrary, storage on top of the cupboard comes naturally to us. Chiefly because it’s handy and also a very practical place to store up if you are living small. I see it as is it is and it’s a great place to store.

The missing piece in the puzzle however was good looking, cozy storage options that make above the cupboard storage fashionable. Storage options that are cozy and go with the over all vibe of your home. And most importantly, cozy storage options that doesn’t look like storage at all!

Allow me to bring to you one of my favorite piece of storage lately that stores all that I accumulated over the year and also allows me do so with elan! The vintage style beaten storage trunk from Elan truly lives upto its name and I love everything about it. The antique gold and cream finish, the vintage clasps, the light weight construct and the super handy size. You can stack them up too if you’d like and it’ll look fabulous.

I also style this trunk with two of my favorite pitchers – one of them has dry thyme and it im looking forward to bottle the herbs soon! Functional,useful things- all resting beautifully in plain sight because the products itself are beautiful! Good storage is like good produce. You simply boil it and eat it with salt and it tastes brilliant. Similarly, cozy storage options when placed uin plain sight- and just about anywhere- look as stunning as you’ve meant to display it as decor.

That’s the kind of double duty we want in our lives.

As the year starts, make good home decisions. Other than buying 5 small storage cartons that look off, buy one good storage solution that looks good and stores like a boss.

Tip for buying storage boxes or trunks

Identify where you want to store. Is it in the living room? Bedroom? Kitchen or bath? Which place are you intending to store? An easy way to figure this is to see what you are storing. Store things room wise and you are sorted. For example, in our living room, the elan trunk stored extra bedding and pillow covers.

Identify a place that’s not obstructing anything. A corner or side of the sofa or above the cupboard. It can be the center of the room too if you are using the trunk or storage box as a table

Make it do double duty. Use it as a side table, use it as a center table, stack them up and use the top to display books and flowers. Heavy trunks can also be used as a seating option with a soft cushion. This is where storage trunks win.

Keep the vibe of your home in mind while choosing a product. You simply cannot stack a set of plastic crate boxes in a corner and expect storage to look nice. However, for an industrial style home- spray painted chrome plastic crates may work. For my house, anything vintage style works perfectly with our little farmhouse style home. Because your storage will be in plain sight, you rather choose it wisely. Keep a photo of your room handy and then compare options. Choose one that looks the best with your decor.

Here’s a list of all trunks from Elan and I love almost all of them! Click here

Do you have a vintage trunk you love? Do you have a favourite hack to display storage trunk? Tell us. We love hearing you out!

Here’s to you a beautiful new year, and hope you get to have that cozy home of your dreams you always wanted. For hack, hit me up.



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