I know I am associated with the color white and neutrals but let me tell you I do love a bit of color. And if you look closely, you will find a lot of color in my home- just that they are intentionally kept in shades that don’t scream “see me”. Again, something I myself am not too fond of – standing out that is. I love seamless flow when it comes to my home- where the eye comfortably moves from one side to the other without getting immersed in one single frame. You’ll find reds and yellows and purples and eggshell in my spring summer home but they’re all in hues that are slightly dirty (oh yes, martinis too. Colors and martinis- always dirty) to add in mood without being overtly, enthusiastically bright.

And our Freedom tree spring summer list is just that! A collection of colorful decor products carefully chosen to add in all the summer mood there is.

Vivid. Gorgeous. But never garish.

Btw, before I give you all out the links, I have to tell you that I love Freedom Tree! I chanced upon them years ago when they launched their first fluted, latte bowls and since then I have been a fan. There is a certain sophistication in their lines that I find very drawn to- and in my stint of working with them have never seen them do color in a fashion that crosses that fine line between cheerful and dizzying. I love their use of fabric and prints- the new denim kitchen collection is to die for. I love their turquoise and creams and lilcas and adore the fact that they mixed chartreuse with lilac- one of my favorite color combination. And I also dig the fact that they have teal cabinets and black chests that look straight out of a moody scandinavian home and not “a sorry piece of furniture made sorry-er with paint that doesn’t belong there, all for the sake of coolness“. Haha, sorry, in here we are harsh and truthful and believe me when I tell you FT always does it right.


All things summer and joyful and relaxing- our favorite furniture from Freedom Tree includes this cool chaise that’ll beckon you to put your feet up and unwind.

Chaise: Buy Here

Rope Chair: Buy Here

Blush Sofa: Buy Here

Yellow Swivel chair: Buy here

Teal Cabinet: Buy here

Soft Furnishing

All the color, all the mood, all the spring feels! We are all doe eyed on these home accents!

Red rug: Buy Here

Gold and cream throw: Buy here

Indigo floor cushion: Buy Here

Turquoise Cushion: Buy here

Charcoal Accent cushion: Buy Here

Serveware and Planters

Okay, hands down, Freedom Tree’s lilac serveware is one of my top-rack favorite and I have a list of things I want from the collection. I also love these cute ceramic planters that you may have seen me use in instagram to repot my thyme seedlings. Here’re the links to all of the above

Lilac jug: Buy Here

Lilac plates: Buy Here

Lilac bowls: Buy Here

Red and white stiped planters: Buy Here

Oh, this yellow bowls are also from Freedom Tree which I bought last summer! You can check 2021’s FT favorites here!

Must get some coffee in my veins and perhaps will wrap up early and do some shopping! Tell me, what is your favorite from this list? Are you eyeing something? Would love to hear.



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