Swiss cross is probably the only trend I bought into – way back in 2014- and I still love it. Well, I guess, by that logic you could say it’s the new classic. 8 years is good enough time for promoting a thing from trend to classic I guess. No?

The fun part however, Switzerland has nothing to do with bringing this trend into our lives. But given the clean lines, the minimalist bold contrast and simplicity of design- I think you will be able to guess the usual suspect.

Det är det svenska

Haha, It’s the Swedish! And Norway and Finland/Denmark to some extent. The Norwegian countries- already known for it’s juxtaposed monochrome harmonies brought the Swiss cross into our lives and as Scandi got bigger, do did the Swiss cross. And personally I find it to be the perfect thing for summer with loads of plants and raw, exposed wood!

But then a good Swiss cross goes with everything

If it’s caught on with people from around the world, there must be a reason why! A good Swiss cross goes with everything and if you don’t believe me, get a pillow and see. You could do summer to fall with one simple pillow and its awesome!

So where do you get these?

TheNeedleCrafter on instagram. That’s where. Maitreyee is the only person who has plush velvet Swiss cross cushion covers (Ask her for a custom dimension or its available in 16 x 16) and also French ticking fabric but that’s a discussion for another day.

I’m crushing on cozy blacks this summer

Summer is usually a good time to sport pastels and florals but to be honest, I am crushing on cozy blacks this summer. Stripes, embroidered, simple, moody, full of textural details and tactile. I think there is a sense of contentment in monochrome. A whiff of unhurried predictability. Of mood and feelings. A little black and white will be good.

I also just got the news that my grandmom passed away. She was 103, it was all expected and yet you cannot quite be okay with death. You are happy that she is away from the shackles of the world but also somewhere inside deeply sad that you’ll never see her in your life again. When I went to see her last November, I remember her touching my hand with her wrinkly, almost stick thin hands and say my name. It was odd because all she remembered was just “poddo”. A caregiver she probably either really liked or hated. After poddo left, she started calling everyone poddo.

She was also the mothership of all DIYs and I spoke a little about her in this video

Goodbye then Roma Ray. Thank you for being our grandmother. I know you loved me the most in the world and irrespective of what I have heard about you, I myself have never seen that side of you that people used to not like so much. So how can I not be grateful for all the DIYs you taught me. How can I not be gloomy.

4 thoughts on “This is the only place you’ll get Swiss Cross cushions in India”

  1. May her soul rest in piece. I always feel with grandparents gone goes a bit of our childhood. Love the cushions and everything Maitrayee makes.

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