A lot is going on in over here and I am forever finding the need to sneak in a cup of coffee. But I assure you, all good things! To begin with, we now have a new newsletter on substack and people are loving it. I think if you like some good stuff in your inbox (other than gentle reminders) you should totally subscribe! Shameless plug is done! We can move on with our life now. A loud, roaring haha!

Right, tea towels!

So, let me start by saying, I am borderline obsessed with tea towels. I use them in my kitchen (separate set for wiping hands with turmeric), I use them to style my food and photograph, I sometimes turn vintage ones into cushion covers, I love hanging them on a wooden peg to add some interest to my kitchen- basically, tea-towels are the works and I love them. So today, I am rounding up a few of my favorite tea-towels for the ones who love them and who will get this side of me.


Embroidered towels as seen in the photo above by The Little Details

Minimal Leaves Tea towels by Happy Wagon

Torvfly Tea towels by IKEA

Flour Tea towels by Ellementry

Rice Dish towels by Ellementry

Summer in Europe Tea towel by The Ink Bucket

Embroidered blue + green Tea towels by Karma Kettle

Miss Potts cup and pot embroidered towels by Cananor Guild

Farmhouse Style stripe Tea towels by Myntra

Otter Tea towel by Naiise

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