The golden formula: Rule of three

The rule of three is a design principle that dictates everything in your decor. Layout, size, shape, color, pattern and even fabric. According to the rule of three, odd numbers create a sense of energy and when applied creates a decor that’s appealing, effective and impressionable. But why 3 eh?

The human brain likes to find pattern in everything it sees, and 3 is the smallest number with which it can do that. With three objects your eye is forced to move around more, finding visually appealing pattern. Dope right?

So how will you use the rule of three? say hello to the visual triangle

Remember this: no matter what you add, it should form a triangle. Whether you group 3 things of varying height, or use just one thing- it should fit into a triangle. Above I have used two different examples to show you how it works.

Firstly, in the entire sideboard there are 7 things grouped in 3 large units. One unit is the lamp and books. One unit is the art-books-candle and link chain and the other unit is the floral display. And I have decorated it to fit into two visual triangles.

On the left, different units are grouped to form a triangle. On the right, I used a floral arrangement that forms a dramatic triangle. And because the floral arrangement is large, I kept it singular.

This is how to style a sideboard

The basic: Use a lamp, some kind of greenery, books, candles, art or photoframes. You can also accent it all with a link chain or a wooden garland. This is assuming you already have a mirror over the sideboard. If not, consider a large, ornate mirror or a piece of art that complements your decor.


Use two sides of your sideboard to create identical triangles.

If you have a simple, modern decor, this looks fabulous. Your tallest decor items go on either side of your sideboard. Then as you come towards the center, your items gets smaller. Given below is an example of the same.

Use mismatched triangles in either side of your sideboard to create depth

If you want depth, use a mix of larger and smaller triangles. This can be achieved either by keeping your decor items on your sideboard or through art on the wall. Here’s a great example of the same.

Just use three statement pieces for insane amount of drama

Just one statement piece is all it takes to decorate your sideboard. But make sure the piece is really large. Enough to fill the entire sideboard. You can do this with wall art or a massive sculpture. See these image below:

Love how balance is achieved in the left sideboard with that beautiful light! It immediately brings the tension of the space down!

So what’s your sideboard style?

Mine is whimsical, cozy and definitely nostalgic.

Have a style you love? Have done? Tell us. We are all ears.

Till next time,

buenas noches

Love, Rukmini

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