This whole faux flower hunting obsession started with Balsam Hill’s post. And so I wrote on instagram. But I think Ranjana aunty was the real trigger. She was such a good, paawam woman until she started charging me some obnoxious amount of money for flowers. I think by now you already know that those pretty daisies are missing from my home, for a very long time. Where I stay, there is just one single florist. And he has only roses. I’d rather have a rose plant. So add this and that and you’ll know why I sailed on this faux flower boat. But sailing was not enough. I wanted faux flowers that looked just as good as real ones so I can feel reallllllly good about not giving a penny to Ranjana. Screw you. “Ranjana, ami ar ashbona” (click on the link to learn about the shoddiest movie ever by anjan dutta. It’s a straight 6 on IMDB). Also, it means Ranjana, Im not going to come here again. Hahahaha, it’s funny. Atleast my bong brothers will get it.

So, here we are. In the faux flower convention winning the flower game with IKEA!

And I won’t waste your time. Here are 5 unique ways to decorate with IKEA faux flowers

1. Basket them!

A basket full of flowers : Fill a wicker basket with faux flowers of your choice and keep it beside or at the foot of your bed. This looks specially nice if you have a low seating arrangement or a low bed. However, keep a check at the color palette. Take cue from your own home to select flowers that complement your decor. Because this room is very farmhouse-ey, moody, I chose large blooms and small sprays in the colour palette- white, pink, maroon, green. These colors offsets my bedroom’s moody cotswold green.

Hang them by your bed: Don’t have floor space? Hang a basket full of faux flowers above your bed. Looks absolutely stunning.

Find the bouquet I have used here

2. Make it OTT and add them to a footed glass pitcher

Hello, mama drama! Turn your dining table into a space you’d love to hang out. Add lots of faux flowers in a footed pitcher and see how it adds oodles of drama to your space. I’ll teach you a trick. First add a few bunch of flowers straight in the pitcher. Next, add your floral sprays in an angle to create that rounded look.

Find the bouquets I used here and here

3. Mimic an English summer garden party by adding only smaller sprays

Whipping up a nifty little weekend brunch for friends? Try this trick with faux flowers. Just pick the smaller sprays and add them in bud vases or stemmed glass. Voila!

4. Add them to a teapot

Pick out one of your favorite teapots, add your faux flowers to them! Simple. Oriental teapots particularly look good with red, orange, pink and yellow flowers. Just a little tip 🙂

5. Add them with fruits for farmhouse style arrangement

Add faux flowers with a fruit branch for that ultimate, cozy, country farmhouse style arrangement. Check those tiny faux crab apple branch that I scored locally! Also, take a look at this arrangement. I wanted this arrangement to look rustic and yet beautiful. So I added the florals in a fashion that looks like you’ve just gotten a bunch of flowers and foliage from the yard and added them to a pitcher. Quite carelessly.

And that’s it! 5 simple, and yet unique ways to add style your home with faux flowers!

P.s. My blood reports are here and it looks good. Nothing a little exercise cant sort. So wuhoo! Off to see Grace and Frankie!

Y’all, stay cool!

Love, Rukmini

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