For years, our idea of outdoor furniture revolved around plastic. Red or beige. If one was lucky, one would get a transparent table cloth and an ash tray. Back in the hills though, we had some porch/patio furniture. But unfortunately they were real wicker and one would need to get them indoors when it rained. Of course, none of them had cushions on it because in the event that it got wet, it will never dry. Not in Kurseong. No. And my mother won’t have a soggy, smelly cushion waiting for that one day of strong sunlight in our home.

Thankfully, we are a long way from that time and place and we have the most fantastic outdoor furniture and lights at our disposal, to cherish the gorgeous weather and relax a bit with a drink or two. In our last home, we spent so many beautiful mornings and splendid nights drinking tea and doing bbq in our balcony; soaking the winter sun or hammocking on a rainy day. And if I could, I would transport that entire set up in here because there is no greater joy than to sit in your balcony/ terrace and watch the world go by, as seasons change. Actually, coming to think of it, I probably would have not gotten the furniture here because they were not meant for outdoors at all!

I truly wish I knew about Loom Crafts a few years ago. The balcony I so loved in our previous home was absolutely perfect for a nice easy outdoor bed like the above! Oh, I’d never get out. Anyway!

If you have a terrace, a patch of lawn, pool or even a large-ish sun deck, pay attention. I am about to introduce you to a collection of gorgeous outdoor furniture that you can add to your home without compromising on style and quality. I am also adding a few outdoor lights to the mix because when it comes to outdoor lighting we need materials that can withstand rain and shine as well!

Allow me to introduce you to Loom Crafts. They’ve been making incredible outdoor furniture and lights for over one a half decade!

That outdoor lifestyle can be equally imbued in comfort, style and luxury as indoor living was a concept novel to most in India. So, In 2005, Loom Crafts was formed to cater residential and commercial spaces with complete outdoor solutions that spoke volumes for their passion, workmanship and belief. Today, Loom Crafts is synonymous with bespoke, all weather, hand woven furniture whose pieces can be found in establishments we probably all have heard of and more.

And I had the most fantastic conversation with them the other day, learning about their designs. This monsoon, I truly wanted to see if we can find out a brand who specializes in outdoor furniture because frankly, Mumbai monsoons isn’t too kind on your everyday furniture. And outdoor furniture is tad more expensive than indoor ones owing to its specialized make and materials. You rather spend your bucks in a brand you can trust. Luckily found them last week, and the rest is me ooh-ing and aah-ing and telling my husband if I buy a plot of land somewhere to just add a few outdoor beds! Oh my god, guys, you all have to see this!

Take a look at our cozy picks from Loom Crafts that will rock your boat

And would you believe these are all specifically for your pool, patio and outdoors? Most of their collections have varied fabric and color choices and you can see them right beside the product. Adding the link to their website and social media so you can check them out! Love, love, love the fact that they are right here in India and have free shipping all over the country!

Where to find my favorite products from Loom Crafts

You can find all products in here, and they can be reached on their social handle here on instagram

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