The right drapes are to your room what thyme is to your roast. It not only adds flavor to your overall aesthetic but also elevates your decor. You can use drapes to bring in cohesiveness to your room, turn your windows into focal point- specially if you have windows with architectural details. And the right drape/window treatment can give your room a lot of flair, height, warmth and a sense of coziness and fullness. That last bit was also why I was looking for full length drapes for my study.

And I’ll tell you why we chose drapes specifically as our window treatment


My study is the smallest room in our home, and is a bit of an odd rectangle. I wanted to add romance, warmth and coziness on the window side of the room because the other half of the rectangle already had a Swedish stove and art and there was a lot going on. It needed balance. And the right kind.

It overlooks a bunch of buildings, also adds in a whole lot of natural light, so I was sure I needed something to block it out when I wanted to. In this corner, I was looking for both romantic, low intensity mellow light and bright light!

This window also adds lot of crosswinds so a roman shade was definitely out of question. Sheers are also out of question because the wind is strong enough for the sheer to fly and knock things off. I actually tried adding a roman shade and sheer but unless I close the window, it doesn’t work! And closing the window defeats the whole point.

I also wanted a study by the window that is reminiscent of sitting by a garden. And I wasn’t finding the right florals or a proper fall.

I also live away from the city so a good hunt wasn’t possible

Solution: Spaces Drape Story

When Spaces Drape Story got in touch with me on instagram I knew I had to use this window as our canvas. And strangely, I literally did the whole thing quick and online. I got in touch with them, collaborated with them and got it all done in a week. Loved how quick they are and always ready to brainstorm on the print and fall! I worked with Spaces bedding before and their drapery is just as beautiful.

Drape Story also has roman shades, wallpapers and cushions in their portfolio- th ewallpapers are particularly beautiful!

Details of my drapes

I chose a floral print in pale olive and chose black out satin. You can choose from a range of fabric in the chosen print. You can also get their free consultation on their website here

There are two hanging options. Eyelet and American pleats and I chose American pleats because I love how it gathers up top and no curtain rod is visible either.

I did one set of solid in warm grey. It was their recommendation and I went with it.

So, for closure, let me do a bit of before and after here. Kay?

It took us 4 months but we have come a long way from when we saw our house for rent! And tell you what? Man I love what I see! What mahussive difference does a set of good drapes make eh? Okay, maybe a better chair but mostly drape!

Have a problematic window? Love prints and patterns? What is your drape story? Tell me!



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