Well hello here. How is it all going with all of you? I know I have become a bit irregular but I was very down and unproductive mentally and physically over the weekends. You know, the grump-gnomes, when they attack you, those kinda days!  I was in serious thoughts about future (for no reason), my heart was racing fast, I was in two minds about a lot of petty things that also included crafts, visiting friends and even dinner and was getting worked up over it, I was indecisive, scared, I practically pureed my baked fruit- all sorts of bad things of which i don’t want to talk about. So last night, I planned that I will get over this unnecessary grump and drive the gnomes away. I decided to take things as it come and deal with it then, when it does without thinking about it now and spoiling the best days of life. The R decided to help me by dining with me- roast chicken with vegetables and port wine. And after that we made these teacup candles with “Lily of the valley” essence.

Yes, I am adding a bit of yellow to my decor. I lit the teacup candle this morning while having a cup of tea and I loved the glow from within. These vintage, earthenware cups were a gift from my sister.

So, if you want to make you own teacup candle, here’s what you’ll need:

Wax: Shavings, block, plain candles anything will do

Essential oil: Of your choice



How you’ll turn your beautiful cup into a magnificent teacup candle

Melt wax in a heavy bottomed pan with essential oil

Wound one end of the wick to a pencil and leave the other end free- the length of the free wick should be equal to the depth of the cup. Haha! Just make sure from the pencil, the wick reaches to the bottom of the cup in a straight line.

Position your pencil in such a way over the cup that the wick is positioned in center of the cup

Now, carefully pour the hot wax in the cup

Let it rest for 2-3 hours and you’ll end up with a homemade, brilliant, magnificent, artistic piece of candle of which you can be proud of. I love such crafts.

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13 thoughts on “DIY: Scented Teacup Candles with ‘Lily of the valley’ essence”

    1. Yes. Absolutely. You must. The result is extremely pleasing! I’m expecting a post from you on this soon ;P Oh and you can do it if you have 2 hours in hand. Grab a coffee and do it after dinner. That’s what I did. Best of luck.

  1. I love Lily of the Valleys, they smell so good! Everything looks beautiful and I am glad that you are taking it one day at a time, enjoy each moment.

    1. Thank you Michele…you know, time and again I’ve realized that we just need to broaden our vision when things are dark. In some far corner, we are bound to find light. We need to have faith. Btw, I’m in your fabulous giveaway!

  2. hey hey … how have you been !? I know when those grumps strike – i was in one of those moods last week too ! I have a holiday coming up so that’s at least something exciting to look forward too ! Just have to get away from this darn work place.

    Just been through your last few posts – I could have that crab curry for my brekkie hehe! I love crabs Yum.

    I never thought of making scented candles at home ! What a great idea .. maybe we can also set them into jam jars ?( I have been collecting the “bonne maman” jam jars)

    thanks for sharing !!


    1. Hello! Good to hear from you. I totally get about the darn workplace. Lol. You’ll come to mumbai right? We’ll catch up for sure.
      Yes, you could do these in jam jars too. In fact you can make them in about anything but plastic containers.


  3. I actually have a large cup and saucer almost identical to this one only green, and I have been thinking of doing exactly this! Just need to get hold of some wicks. I wasn’t sure how to do it though, so your instructions will come in very handy! Thank you! 🙂

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