A DIY cement candle holder, some love, some sleep and some hello today on the blog. How have you been holding in your necks of woods huh? What’s up with you all? Have you been all elbows towards Diwali? If not, this is the time I tell you. 10 days with an allowance of 4 days of procrastinating, give or take, leaves you with less than a week to figure this out- so you better get moving. But then you know, Diwali, necessarily don’t have to be a very stressful affair. Decorating can be super fun too!

Take these DIY cement candle holders for example. All it needs are a few plastic containers, a few drops of coconut oil to smear, white cement or any cement and water but the joy it gives you is absolutely unparalleled. Plus, you can involve your kids or cats {who I warn you will do absolutely nothing} and turn it into a happy family affair to do on a Sunday. And they make for amazing gifts- of that I assure you!

Ditch the Votives, call Dibs on these DIY Cement Candle Holders this Diwali

You know, honestly, I think votives are something you can totally do without. Use jam jars, bowls or glasses to hold tealight and they look just as good. Plus votives in general have no other use than to hold tealights and living in a small space, I’ve learnt to do without them. Instead, if you must have votives, make these. Satisfying, slathered with hygge, majorly rewarding, and oozing #TrumatterStyle these DIY cement candle holders will be all around my home this Diwali and through out winter: just by switching the essential oil {ooooh! I didn’t tell you this before, did I?} you can call in the winter spirit with these candle holders quite easily

The Essential Oil Advantage 

A major plus point of making things with POP or white cement is if you want, you can always add in a drop of essential oil to them and your whole room will be fragrant. Win win right? I add a drop of geranium to mine during Diwali and my living room smells so fresh! I love it. Soon after I switch from Geranium to something more wintery like Pine-Needle or Apple-Cinnamon or Aged-Oak and tobacco. Actually, I also do a lovely blend during Christmas with Pine-Needle, Sweet orange and Cinnamon and it’s like Christmas in a candle holder. The possibilities are really endless. 

Without Much Further Ado

So anyway, without my wandering mind and diverse discussions taking over my fingers- here’s how you can make these super sweet DIY Cement Candle Holders. All you’ll need is one night worth of patience and a few things. Ready? Pen and diary out! 

You’ll need: 

White cement – 1 packet {or more depending on how many you intend to make}

Plastic containers of your choice 

A round candle + a round, thin plastic bottle {Those himalaya capsule bottles are perfect}


A chopstick to mix and a mixing bowl 

Coconut oil or vaseline

Method to make DIY Cement Candle Holders

Mix white cement to water in 2:1 ratio. Work in small batches because they tend to dry. Smear plastic containers with a drop of oil or vaseline. Pour white cement mix to desired height and wait for about 10 minutes. Now, gently press the candle and the capsule container down. If your capsule container is empty, you might want to add some rice for weight. Keep it undisturbed for 10 to 12 hours. 

Gently tap the containers once it dries and unmold. Next, with a very fine grit sanding paper, sand the insides and out to give it a smooth finish.  

Add candles, light up and enjoy! 

Happy times y’all!

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