We’ve wrapped Diwali with grace, there’s a nip in the air that is constantly nudging us to take deep breaths and be grateful, ’tis the season to be jolly and here my friend is what we think will be cray cray this Christmas. Or in two words {or three} here are the Christmas decor trends for 2018. One which I think you’ll really like, even if you are not the one to ride the Christmas decor trends express, like..ahem..ME!

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Don’t care about Trends? Don’t! Get inspired instead!

Now if you know me, you’ll know how I far away I am from trends. I mean it’s mostly all white all year round right? I strongly feel that one’s personal style should shine through their words, home, outfit, work and decor and it should not never just be a jumble of the latest. But then how do you ensure that it’s all not getting a bit boring or dated? A little evolving with time and staying relevant to current hurts none, and if I may- rather gives your space a fresh edge which is very much welcome. That’s why trends. And that’s exactly why before anything Christmas I am talking about Christmas decor trends so you can take some inspiration and think ahead of time too. 

By the way, I am telling you before hand, this list of Christmas decor trends might look like I rigged it and conspired with the decor world- but I haven’t. It’s really all very much #TrumatterStyle. I swear, I am upto all good.

Okay then!

Ready for the Christmas Decor trends 2018?

A simple, plain Tree

Yeah, yeah, you heard me. This year’s most sought after Christmas decor trends is a plain jane christmas tree with little or no decorations and I can seriously live with that! Not too sure about my family though who loves a nice, full tree twinkling with ornaments. A negotiation deal has to be struck methinks. 

Muted tones on tree

See I told you you’ll think she is bs-ing but I am not. A mute, white and neutral slathered minimal tree is really the hottest of the Christmas decor trends this year. But if you are feeling kind, take note of our tree from last year and tell me I am a visionary. Or you could tell I am ahead of my time. If you are generous that is 

Tiny Potted trees all round the house

Short on space? That’s okay, as long as you have a large room in your heart for Christmas. Tiny potted trees dotted around the house looks adorbs and are quite in trend. 

Magnolia Ornaments

Magnolia ornaments are hot this season and I am eyeing them everywhere- from a hanging dining table decor to porch decor and more! Fairly simple to assemble, all you need is a tree branch suspended from the ceiling or wall or studded in a vase and tiny ornaments to go with it! Add a battery operated fairy light if you must and voila! 


Plaid fabric

Ladies and gentlemen, plaid is here to play this Christmas and that means they’ll be in the stockings too! Ditch the traditional and opt for Plaid stockings this Christmas. I say, plaid everything for Christmas, erry Christmas. 

Christmas Tree Collars + Baskets

Collars and basket are all the trend this year and we know why. Because tree skirts are kind of done and wrapping 40 presents to keep under a tree is a massive task. A collared tree is good. I personally love baskets are tree holders and I don’t think they’ll ever go outta style. Not in my eyes. 


Recycled, organic ornaments

A sustainable, organic, warm Christmas is on the cards with recycled and organic ornaments which also reflects our biggest fight this year- fighting plastic. In my house, except for the tree that I intend to use for many many years to come, everything is made of either jute or cloth or glass. I have a few plastic ornaments which I will reuse but I am buying none. 

Gold tones + Warm Accents 

If you must look at some Christmas bling, dull gold is your thing. Blinging on top of the Christmas trends in 2018 are copper DIY decor, gold accented or guilded dinnerware, gold toned wine glasses, lights and more and honestly, paired with lush greens, its just heavenly. As for warm accents, it’s mostly wood and organic decorations like wooden slice chargers, jute placemats, or naked branches hung from the ceiling with fairy lights

Pastel decorations and coloured trees

Now while all things scandi is in, pastel decorations and colourful modern trees like blue or pink are also in! Look forward to see a few though I am personally too chicken to do this. 

Oversized ornaments 

People are also talking about how oversized ornaments will be a highlight this Christmas, and honestly they look damn swell if you add them properly to your decor. Like oversized baubles for table decor or a couple of oversized stars hung in the corner of your room- think how pretty it’ll all look! 

All things Snowflake

From blankets to hoodies and drapes, snowflake ranks pretty high in this year’s hottest Christmas decor trends as a pattern and you’ll see a few floating in blogland is the prediction. But who needs predictions to love snowflake right?

Simple assymetrical wreaths with bells

Heavy, elaborate wreaths are out. Simple, graceful, asymmetrical wreaths are in. And one with a bell! 

Navy Blue 

Surprised? Like in a season full lush greens, red and white, where is Navy coming from right? Oh well, Navy earned it. I think there’s something about deep greens and deep blues flanked with streaks of red that’s quintessentially holidays. It just sets the mood! And rightly so, among the hottest Christmas decor trends this year is Navy as a colour- if you don’t believe us, please take a look at IKEA’s this year holiday fabric. Guilty of picking two cushions from the lookbook- one of each, Junhild and Leikny


And I am hoping by now you are not only in the mood for Christmas but have also made some mental notes as to how you want your Christmas home to be. And if you havent, well there’s plenty of time! That’s the beauty of starting early and with a Christmas decor trends guide handy, it should be a breeze. As for me, you’ll see what happens. 

Off to bake a Nutella bread and make some coffee before we charge up this Sunday night! 

Off fellas XO. {Leave a comment or two for this ol’gal}


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