I am two things when it comes to Christmas. One, I am a hundred percent for easy Christmas decorating ideas. Two, I am a traditionalist when holiday patterns and colors are concerned. I love the big play of deep green, classic reds and white with bits and bobs of shimmer here and there, and I cannot lie. So if you are looking for neon trees and floral decoration for Christmas, this might not be the blog you wanna read. But if you are like me- a country Christmas girl at heart who stays in a 500 sqft. city apartment in a tropical, sea side city and loves to create an illusion of a snowy Christmas, this is where you belong. Me casa, su casa yo! 

Easy Christmas decorating Ideas for small spaces / apartments 

Now, no matter how much of a country girl I am at heart, fact is I have just 500 sqft. to bring in some massive cheer. So while running garlands and a 8 ft tree might be a little too much to crowd in, in here, there are always those little things you can do to have a perfectly holiday slathered home. Yup, some really really easy Christmas decorating ideas, that you can do on a budget, looks good, takes little time and swap a few things here and there and your decor can run all winter. For example? 

Change your chair upholstery to something Christmassy

Throws, pillows and upholstery can do wonders when it comes to bringing in some christmas cheer and I love how you can change the complete feel of a space with just changing those. We have two dining chairs and I upholstered the seats with a black and white checkered linen to add some extra festive feels. You could do the same too! 

Bring in Plaid through throws and cushions 

Plaid and winter or christmas go hand in hand and I adore how a bit of tartan and plaid go a long way in adding oodles of christmas-ey feels to your home. Plus, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like plaid! Win win. I got a few cushions made in red plaid and it’s really doing it for me!

Savvy up your shelves 

Bits and bobs. Repeat after me. Bits and bobs. When it comes to christmas decor, adding holiday elements to shelves ranks pretty high on our easy Christmas decorating ideas. Add a garland, a few books in red, a tinsel in green and a bauble in silver and there you have the holidy shelf of your dreams. I added a garland and a few clay tree ornaments that we made last year to make our shelf come alive with the holiday spirit.

TIP: Add a drop of Pine or Eucalyptus essential oil to your clay ornaments and make your faux garlands smell like real ones! 

Add mug-huggers to your existing planters

Make your own from old sweaters and scarves or buy one from Amazon- these mug huggers or warmers- however you may choose to call them- looks super cute as holiday decor. Absolutely love them on our cactus! 

Hang a wreath

Easy Christmas decorating ideas don’t get better than this! And it’s called a wreath! Add a wreath or two to your walls in your home and see how pretty it looks! We also love hanging them from our wardobe and curtain rods. 

Mini trees aren’t so bad!

You know, little tiny Christmas trees propped all around the house looks so lovely that once I actually considered having just that and no main tree in the house. By demand {nephews and nieces} that never happened. But I swear by little trees and their big joys! Wrap the planter in jute and add a bow for an instant holiday update.

TIP: Add a few in your kitchen too!

Use tree ornaments as table decor

Just a grab a bunch of bells and baubles and group them in a mirrored tray on top of your table for a quick and easy Christmas decoration. Add a candle by it and see it glimmer in the soft light! Ain’t no thing better, and easy as easy Christmas decorating ideas can be! 

Add a Holiday slathered door mat

I have never tried this before but I will this year. I think a holiday edition doormat will be just about perfect to welcome in some Christmas cheer and if you have any leads to this, do tell! 

Add Rustic, DIY branch light fixtures


Now, I won’t necessarily categorize it under easy Christmas decorating ideas but boy is it easy to do this {barring the electrical connection} and boy does it look so good. Grab a branch, hang it from the ceiling with a chain or copper wire and wound fairy lights on it. Hang it from your dining table, your balcony or porch! 

Easy peasy right? And will these work? These easy Christmas decorating ideas that I am so vouching for? Yes they will! How do I know? I did it myself! And as and on I keep doing things, I’ll make sure to updae this list so you have one consolidated guide under one blog. Sounds nifty? Good! We are looking at 22nd for the delivery of our Christmas tree and I can’t wait to tell you all how it looks! Cannot. Ever. Wait. 

But for now, for some lunch and a ride with the husband, before we give in to Monday! 

To a great festive season!

Those are the kind of things we are talking here 

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