When it comes to small space furniture, the ottoman is seriously underrated. Often seen as the “waste of space” or “luxury” among the furniture world, it’s sad how an ottoman as a piece of furniture just floats around the home doing nothing. When, the fact is, it can be a serious double-duty {or nth duty} piece of furniture fulfilling many a purpose than just sitting pretty. 

Allow me to introduce you a robust Ottoman + its maker- Sihasn

who is, at the very offset, making this ottoman come alive with purposeful design and intent! Sihasn, the following words go out to you all:

“We love that this ottoman has a big storage, we love that it’s got midcentury legs, we love the silky smooth Mashru silk dyed with Ajrakh that feels amazing on skin and we love how the traditional fabric drapes on a very, very modern design. Now, while I was told they might not be pet friendly owing to the plushness of it all- I think they are. A slightly watered hand takes away all the hair quite easily and my cats love it. Almost everyone I know has fur-children and we can’t have stuff that don’t accommodate them. Thankfully, this does! And I think you all found a very suiting name for it- Pitara. It indeed opens up a whole lot of possibilities!”

So say hi to an ottoman that does it’s job like a boss

You know, the best part about my job or passion, whatever you may like to call it, is getting to know people and great design, and playing around with it’s possibilities. While the first part is solely for my pleasure, the later is more of a necessity- living in a 550 sqft home requires you to weigh things for you to vouch for them. Tell you what? I have no qualms vouching for this one! I love a piece of furniture that toggles between a stool, an ottoman and a storage and this one is totally bang for the buck. And for being this functional, this is also a stunner.

Functional is not equal to not good looking

It’s always so wonderful to meet designs that let you do more. But designs my friend don’t happen out of cosmic big bangs. Behind every good design is a set of fabulous people who are constantly thinking about how to make your day easy, beautiful and simple! It’s really quite thrilling.

When Sihasn wrote us an email with a few photographs of their products, and how they’re redefining seating, it really took me by design. But just like their designs, there were more to what was apparent.

Bringing in traditional fabric {No, not just Jaipur for chrissake} from all corners of India they’re not just draping very modern furniture {Let alone an ottoman} with traditional Indian fabric, but is also working directly with artisans and craftsman from remote corners of India giving them a platform they so deserve. From Naga shawls and assam silk to bhagalpuri linen and kutch banni patchwork- Sihasn is not just your place to buy great furniture but also explore the stunning tapestry of India’s abundant fabric styles. 

And that’s why it’s not a chair, it’s a Sihasn

Sihasn means throne. And these can very rightly be called so! Handmade, poured over by designers and craftsman from all corners of India and weaving stories to your seat- it’ll be a blasphemy if we call them just “seating”. When so much goes into your seating, it elevates it from being an option, to a must have. Or in simple words- a Sihasn that you can pass on to generations!

By the way, I’ll let you all in on a dream of mine: My long term goal is to be that grandmother who will pass on her Sihasn to the best grandchild who will gloat about how awesome her/his grandmother is. And I thin I’ve found the perfect thing to retire with! 

Go check them out folks. They’re statement! 

Happy Friday to you!

My Favorite picks from sinhasn

Naga shawl chairs for my dining- now that my chairs are kinda giving away! If you all didn’t see, you should. You will really like them

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