Where and how to store Christmas decorations.

A post right in time for Three King’s Day post which you will start packing up your Christmas decorations, unless ofcourse, you already have. And I have to agree that while bringing it all out is fun, packing them is both mentally and physically saddening.

I mean who likes to pack up joy and get ready for work right? And yet, my fine fellows we must. So let’s deep dive into it right away, lest the blog-reader-nazis deem this as a recipe blog equivalent.

But before all that “Where and How to store your Christmas decoration” can happen, plan your packing days

If you have more than one Christmas tree or a lot of decoration in and around the house, you may need more than one day to tackle it all. You can do it in 24 hours but dismantling the tree takes a lot of time. So start on 2nd and unpack till 6th.

This is what my packing looks like:

Day 1: Take off all the wreaths and garlands, candles, decorations. Pile in the storage area. Take off ornaments off the trees and segregate glass and plastic in two different polybags.

Day 2: De-wire. This takes a whole lot of time so do two trees at the max in a day. I like to leave the tree with just lights for a day or two. It helps me wean into the new year.

Day 3: Dismantle the tree and put it under the shower. You need the dust to go before you pack them. Dry for a day.

Day 4: Pack the trees in a large drop cloth or any bedsheet and tie. This way you keep it well and dust free. Pack the decorations in their designated boxes.

Quick Storage guide: For an easy unpacking the next year

If you dump everything in a box and shove it away, prepare yourself for a very disappointing next season. So here’s what I found out helps:

Have one box for garlands, wreaths, leaves, candles, beaded garlands. You can add ribbons in here too.

Have one box for glass items.

One box for plastic and fabric items.

Make a pouch for lights and LED candles. Make sure to take the batteries out if its runs on battery

Make a label for everything. Which box has what!

Where to store the Christmas decorations?

Well, honestly, wherever you have space for 4 to 5 boxes. It can be under the bed, like mine (hurrah, no space for monsters)

Or you can use up an empty cupboard, stack them in your balcony but cover it with a tarp.

As for the trees, they all come in parts so you can dismantle, roll them all up and put it in your storage or bed. One section of my bed is empty for trees.

As for the accents- like tealights, lanterns, cushions and throws, the first two go to a cupboard in my kitchen and the later gets washed and ironed and goes to sleep inside my bed.

Do you need to have boxes with space for individual ornaments?

If you are lucky to have loads of space, why not. Those Balsam Hill boxes are great.

But in general, you don’t. Glass is not all that flimsy and a quick wipe and poly bag does the trick. But don’t cram too much or it will break under pressure.

Keep the glass box on top.

How to pack large Christmas trees

If you pack your trees as is, it will take up a lot of space. Once you have washed and dried your Christmas trees, bring all the branches towards the main stem and tie them with a thread. That way they’ll take up a lot less space.

You can also pack in a few napthalene balls if you wish with these to keep critters away. I dont.

IMP: Make sure to pack the base of the tree and the screws to tighten in the same place as your trees or you will not find it easily next year. I add all of it in a polybag and sellotape it to the empty part of the stem.

The boxes I use

I use IKEA SOCKERBIT and they are the right size for under bed storage. You can find them here.

And well, that’s it! Easy peasy. Just allow yourself to do it over a few days and you’ll be fine!

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  1. Such a useful write up Rukmini. Thank you for sharing tips. I did store my Christmas decorations in boxes however not in order of glass, plastic, fabric all in one and never did the labelling. This year will surely follow these tips you shared. Thank you dear.

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