Christmas 2022 has begun in the Trumatter household and here is our main Christmas tree- all decked up and ready to cheer for months to come. I wanted a very cozy Christmas tree in a traditional color palette, inspired by Dickens’ tree but I also wanted the style to be era fluid so it sits pretty in a modern, Mumbai apartment. And although I did not have it “brilliantly lighted by a multitude of little tapers”, I did have it decked up with vintage glass ornaments so it “sparkled and glittered with bright objects.”

Doing up the rooms, I was constantly reminded of the words from this beautiful novel, A Christmas tree by Charles Dickens. I know you are interested in the sources of the decorations and links but I keep getting carried away. While decorating or writing, I keep finding references from works of novelists I truly admire and I cant help but marvel at the thought that generations after generations, we have fallen on our happy childhood memories to make us happy. Dickens was no exception.

Being now at home again, and alone, the only person in the house
awake, my thoughts are drawn back, by a fascination which I do not care
to resist, to my own childhood. I begin to consider, what do we all
remember best upon the branches of the Christmas Tree of our own
young Christmas days, by which we climbed to real life.

A Christmas Tree by Charles Dickens

Just yesterday I decked up my studio and stood in a corner thinking, I would have killed for this room as a child. And the whole idea of how a Christmassy room should be was tethered in my mind since I was yay little. Also why its so important to let a child dream.

Anyway, back to the Christmas tree.

My living room Christmas tree is a 6 ft. Fraser Fir. I got it imported through Couture Zilla, who runs an instagram shop by the same name. It costed me a bomb but I don’t regret it one bit. Don’t make me say it. I feel the pinch.

I have used red, silver and colorful vintage ornaments in our tree along with three types of ribbons, in two varieties. Silk and cotton. The ornament above is from hnmhome and I have tied the bow with MerakiWraps‘ cotton striped ribbon. The car ornament is unfortunately out of stock but you can see the rest of the ornaments here

My tree also has a bunch of vintage ceramic ornaments from Wudapple. They take ridiculously long to ship so please order in advance. I have their angel, snow man and teddy bear ornament. Also, awful, awful website and interface. Half of the things don’t work. But the one half that does has great stuff. Choose your battles eh.

The red and speckled red baubles are from IKEA. A part of their VINTERFINT collection. They come with white ribbons but I always buy the green hangers they sell. It looks better. I think they now have it in gold.

The glass ornaments are from our own collaborative collection with glass forest. We did them last year and were all sold out.

The silver, mercury glass vintage ornaments are from The Indian Shelf. You can find all glass ornaments under this section.

On my tree, you will also find some glittery hand-embroidered ornaments by TheNeedleCrafter. You can find her on instagram.


I got my LED lights from here on amazon and here is the link to vintage Christmas TV art that I often play on my TV when I am photographing the room or guests are over!

So there you have it! All questions answered and what a remarkable job I have done to have not digressed once in this entire blog post. The impatient reader must be rejoicing. I am their greatest nightmare.



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