Its 4 weeks to Christmas. Can you even believe that? Feels like only yesterday that we moved in, in the dread of summer, leaving our tiny, much loved apartment; sitting in the middle of a room full of boxes, wondering where to start. Look at time! In a flash, we are here now, embracing November and preparing to celebrate our first Christmas in this space that suddenly feels like home!

Took a long pause this morning, while photographing, to look at this corner. Oodles of cozy, like soft curls of steam from a cup of coffee or the gentle waft of smell from a very nice vanilla scented candle or that gooey warmth of a heated Christmas cake, was rolling in from this little square, like mist, engulfing me in a blanket of magic.

It all looks exactly like I thought it would, and feels exactly like I thought it would feel. It was a magical few minutes where I said to myself, what a wonderful world.

Ah, yes. Yes, the Christmas tree ornaments. They’re very much a part of this wholesome coziness and hence the tiny digression. I didn’t bring in my neighbour’s granny. You cannot blame me at all.

Haha, anyway, here are our living room tree Christmas tree ornaments. And I love them because they all have those qualities of becoming beautiful heirlooms. Take a look.

Our Christmas tree ornaments at a glance

Vintage, cozy, heirloom is my forever style when it comes to Christmas tree ornaments and I love what we have on our tree. Sometimes I sit and stare at them and they’re adorable. Plus, they’re all glass and ceramic and fabric so they last you year after year if you store them well.

The Christmas tree ornaments are mainly grouped into 6 groups and are from 6 stores. Wudapple, IKEA, HnMHome, GlassForest, TheIndianShelf and the needle crafter.

Ceramic angel, snowman and teddybear– From wudapple

fabric stars, nutcrackers – from The Needle Crafter

Glass car, glass nutcracker and tree topper finial – from HnMhome Christmas section

Mercury glass glass ornaments– from The Indian Shelf

Noor blown glass ornaments – from The GlassForest

Dala Horse and red glass bubbles – from IKEA India

Special mention to Meraki Wraps for doing the most wonderful ribbons every year! I have not known any other to do such fabulous ribbons!

And there you have it. All the dough you needed for our living room tree. Haha, now go knock yourself out. And if you do buy anything from the list, tag me in your insta posts. I love to see how you decorate.



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