Firstly, in the world of cozy, throws get all the love. That is not fair.

Secondly, a body pillow is perhaps the most ultimate cozy thing in the world, and I am kind off sad that I didn’t pursue one immediately after my kolbalish disintegrated into little feather yarns, like Oogway. Oh, you probably need to hear my kolbalish story but before any of that…welcome ladies and the two fine gentlemen (from Norway, who probably aren’t here anymore), this is going to be rather cozy- the discussion and the ambience of it all.

Kolbalish, Body Pillow, and a Massive cheat sheet for that ultimate cozy bed

Kolbalish first

No Kolbalish, no bichana! Simple. If you are sitting on a bed rather, rather comfortably, snuggling a pillow and your hips are aligned and you have something to keep your legs on and also your stomach on, at the same time – you’re probably sitting with a “kolbalish”. And lyadhkhor as we Bengalis are, it’s now a part of our homes and our DNA to have a kolbalish as a part of our bed decor because baba how to sleep like a geisha when you have eaten rich kosha mangsho and bhat and have also finished the meal with two cold roshogollas. The stomach of a lion must be supported adequately for that super comfy “bhaat-ghum” (Rice induced sleep) and without Kolbalish its not possible. I am that lyadhkhor bangali. It me!

For the uninitiated, Kolbalish is a kind of body pillow, only slightly smaller and designed only for your thighs. Kol literally translates to thighs in Bengali. And this feeling cannot be one upped. Also, no. kolbalish is not those nuggety bolsters you get on Amazon. Kolbalish is bigger than bolsters and smaller than lumbers, and they must be made with organic cotton only. The prerequisite? Squishness level 10. If it’s not 10, it deserves to be in a shop, on either side of a pot-bellied seth’s gadda.

When I came to Mumbai from Siliguri, I carried my own kolbalish and it was the only cozy thing in my sad “paying guest” bed. And I held on to it for years because it felt like a hug, a memory from my own bed back in my home where mom added freshly ironed covers!

When “bilkoo” (yes, I name my pillows) disintegrated, I could never find one like it until now. The “Apple Picking” by StudioCovers brings back very nice, warm memories of the one it succeeded and with a squishness level of 11/10 it’s a bloody WINNER.

And, with all due respect to bilkoo, I think Apple Picking, whom I have now named Snow-Drop is better.

Snow-Drop, the squishiest body pillow from StudioCovers & why its the coziest add on to your bed

Firstly, it’s soft. So when you sit on the bed, you are instantly greeted with a squishy, hug-gy embrace. It’s literally like resting your spine on a ball of cotton cloud!

Secondly, it forms that perfect layer in your bedding. It adds dimension and texture to your bed without you having to pile on a lot of pillows. Whether you choose to form a base with it and pile your cushions infront of it or display it upfont with a backing of pillows and cushions; body pillows are the perfect mix of form and function. It is that one extra layer that visually adds a lot even if your bed has just a set of sleeping pillows.

Here are 4 ways to style your bed with Body Pillows and a classic cheat sheet of pillows

LOOK 1: For the minimalist

No marching army of pillows, no hassle, no problem. Use your body pillow as a base, add your bed pillows and two smaller pillows upfront to weave the look together. No one has to throw anything when they’re sleeping!

Cheat Sheet: Pillow combinations for minimal cozy

2 x 20″x 36″ King size pillows

2 x 12″ x 14″ Boudoir pillows

1 x 20″ x 54″ body pillow


Little layer of stacked bed pillows, flanked by two rabbit eared cushions, brought together with a body pillow. You will spend some time every night arranging the pillows and re arranging every morning but hey, we are the decor enthusiast and we live for this sort of S**t. Haha.

Cheat Sheet: Pillow combinations for the enthusiast

2 x 26 “x 36” King size pillows

2 x 20″ x 26″ Standard pillows

2 x 22″ x 22″ Cushions

1 x 20″ x 54″ body pillow


You want your body pillow to prop your leg up but you also want back support. Because your favorite Netflix show cannot be watched with discomfort. Try this look!

Cheat Sheet: Pillow combinations for the enthusiast

2 x 26 “x 36” King size pillows

2 x 20″ x 26″ Standard pillows

1 x 20″ x 54″ body pillow


Aye we don’t care about bedspace as long as we are surrounded with squishy pillows. Use the same pillow backing trick with a body pillow upfront and a holiday plaid to add vitality to the look. And aye, a throw a please. And a cat. My baby cat is perfect 🙂

2 x 26 “x 36” King size pillows

2 x 20″ x 26″ Standard pillows

1 x 20″ x 54″ body pillow

1 x 18″ x 18″ cushion.


Cushion inserts- StudioCovers

Apple Picking Body Pillow- StudioCovers

Winter Plaid Cushion cover- StudioCovers

King Size Pillows- Artificial Down from Amazon

Standard Pillow Inserts- Bien Living

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