What to gift people who love to entertain? The ones who love to cook and make cocktails and have a bit of a herb garden going? You know, the kind whom we always bank on for the best parties in town? Well, I have got you covered. Whether one of them is getting hitched or you want to wrap a lovely gift for Christmas- this holiday gift guide has home and serving suggestions that will not only hold well for the holidays but also way past it!

The week past I had to decide atleast 3 times as to what to gift to people, on different occasion, and strangely everytime I ended up at FreedomTree. So when you read this, consider this list as my personal favourites, straight from the shortlist I made for gifting, from Freedom Tree Home, a place I have always, always banked upon for happy, cheerful, colorful things. Also, if you are reading this, use code TRUMATTER15¬†for 15% on orders above Rs.1990. And it’s valid through out their gifting section barring the sale section.

Here’s a link to our holiday gift guide. Take a look!

Tarts & Tales Quiche Dish – Absolutely lovely for cooking as well as storing in plain sight

Cutwork Cake Stand– Come summer, add a plant or two and you have a cakestand that multitasks

Divi Rug– I have shot with the rug before and it’s the most beautiful shade of peachy pink! Also, a great, great gift to give to the ones who are starting their own nest.

Wood Fire Scented Candle – Gorgeous aroma of burning logwood. Oh, my heart is dancing! What a fine, fine, candle this.

Cedar Hill Candle: Sweet, moody aromas of the forest, bottled in a jar! Who wouldn’t love this?

Retro Rage Glasses: Sweet iridescence, suhweet cutwork, a drink in these low-ball-glasses will transport you straight to a 90’s bbq party! can we have some ABBA please?

Kabini Table Cover– Understated, graceful and so very elegant!

Chrysanthemum water jug– You have seen this in my home, and I absolutely adore it

Fluted Herb Planter– Great for herbs, great for cutlery. Just sayin’

Pomegranate garden cushion– oddly reminds me of a garden in Persia. So, so pretty

Keora tapas plate– One of our favorite things to gift. To everyone and ourselves. I swear its underneath our tree. or can be!

Mahua Apron– When not in use, hang it in your kitchen for a dollop of happiness.

Mahua Oven Mitts– Pair them up with the Mahua Apron for a perfect gift that’ll be very well acknowledged by the ones whose ideally of a Friday night is cooking from Ottolenghi.

Mehrab Everyday Glasses– It’s called everyday, so you can use them everyday and make everyday brighter. What a fine little tool for hydration. Of any kind!

P.S. Adding one more collection link that I think is brilliant from their store. I own a few bowls are they are very versatile. It’s called Jia Dinnerware and comes in the palest shade of blue and is utterly beautiful.

It’s a beautiful Friday evening. We are in december. So go get that nice long bath, pour out your favorite wine and shop your heart out. This is the time to get those gifts so the happy pile can happen beneath the tree!

Love and cheer


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