I am a very cozy and cute Halloween decor person. There I have set the expectations right upfront. I love little jack-o-lanterns baring their teeth at night fall but I cannot do skeletons. I cannot do spiders and net-cobwebs and odd apparitions. I am a scaredy cat and I don’t like ghosts. I also have some amount of odd memories related to super natural entities and I am not cool discussing about that either.

Okay, without going astray, let’s just say I am not too deep into it as I am into Christmas but do it for the sake of my love for jack-o-lanterns anyway. I absolutely adore their toothless faces and the opportunity to carve a pumpkin. It’s stinking cute!

This year, Shraddha from @armatuer and I did a batch of cute spooky luminaries and it’s clearly making me go a little extra than I usually do every year. So, if you love Halloween and would want to add a little bit of cozy Halloween decor to your home, here are a few nifty ideas.

The cute-spooky buffet table Halloween decor

If you have a buffet table, and a dedicated corner with the table, you are in luck. Add seasonal fruits, drippy candles and spooky luminaries along with old books for a gorgeous, vintage Halloween corner. I love picking up dried leaves and then adding faux autumn leaves on them for a nice, dried maple branch effect.

The tray trick. Or treat!

Grab a flat tray, add seasonal foliage, fresh and faux pumpkins and a few tiny DIY ghosts. Add height to the arrangement with tall tapered candles- in bottles or candle holders. Pure visual treat!

The Console spookies

Use up your TV or mirror consoles to do up a cute display. Faux foliage in a large vase starts the arrangement and the black board on the left adds height and balance to an otherwise low display. Take note, we have arranged the branch in a way that the top branch is slightly higher than the board. This helps it to look more balanced and not linear. The elements are also placed in varying depth and not in a straight line.

The 2 minute Table Top trick

Ghost tealight votives, a bunch of pumpkins placed in varying heights and and a group of tall tapers! The elements are pretty simple but its the arrangement that makes it worth. Note the mix of heights in practically everything in the vignette. I propped the ghost tealight behind on an inverted tea cup to give it some height. The bare stem of the candle holder was too jarring so I added a cute photoframe of muzu. The white washed pumpkin in all the neutrals adds just a smidge of seasonal color.

The Dining table ghost party

Grab a black table cloth and arrange different luminaries- jack-o-lanterns and candles for an easy, cozy centerpiece. I have added a rosemary plant. You can add that or a dried plant or plain dried branches as well.

And there you have it! Easy, cozy, simple Halloween decor ideas that you can put together in a jiffy.

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