When it comes to adding fall decor to your home, don’t get overwhelmed and change everything to plaid and orange. I had a lovely girl, in a rather frantic mode, ask me the other day about why is it that her place doesn’t look fall-cozy when she added lots of rust checkered things around her? I don’t know if this analogy is correct, and I am possibly the worst analogist to have walked this earth, but because salt brings out taste and flavor in your food, would you over do it? Fall decor or any seasonal decor for that matter is just like that sprinkling of salt. You need to get the ratio right.

So today, I will, in my little capacity, give you some fall decor ideas wrt cushions that’ll help you add fall to your home. In association with StudioCovers– a brand that has graced many a 7 star hotel across India and celebrity homes. I work as their creative partner (I have not much to do all day but just see beautiful prints and patterns and talk about drinking coffee or gin) and this is how we would do it at SC!

Identify a color scheme

You want to add fall decor to your living room and bedroom with cushions? Step one is figuring out the color palette. Rust, olive, warm grey, green, charcoal, navy- they are all beautiful fall colors and work beautifully with each other too. Depending on your sofa or bedding you would want to pick a color palette. Want to do just one more color? Look at lighter and darker shades of the same color. Play around with it! And solids in fall colors look absolutely brilliant.

Solids add color but choose one with texture

I have taupe walls, natural linen bedding and I wanted to go rust heavy. But, rust is a strong color, so I will not do more than 10%. I also want the solids to be more than just a vehicle for adding color. I want it to add depth to the space. So I added a faux leather deep tan solid cushion and a slightly orange heavy plaid throw. My bedding is undyed linen and together, its very autumn-y!

Geometric patterns balance movement, create interest and adds contrast

Not to mention, it also adds lots of coziness. When doing cushions for your fall decor, definitely look for plaids and checkered ones but also look for tartans, buffalo and yes, houndstooth and chevron. Infact you can pair a beautiful houndstooth in black and white with a solid tan in a fall home and it’ll be just as beautiful. Here’s how I style mine.

Combine large scale and small scale prints

Once you have figured the geometric – solid ratio, add a few small scale and large scale prints with them. Look at the scale of your current cushions. Now, go ahead and add one large print and one small print to the mix. You can also do embroidered if you are not doing prints.

In our bedroom, I chose this beautiful embroidered cushion to cut down on the austerity.

As for our living room, I used 2 small prints in neutral inspired by the Moroccan trellis and a olive chevron to add a bit more interest to the cushion mix but not something very distracting so as to allow the other patterns to shine. On the back I have a woven cover in muted orange.

Links to all the cushion covers I have used

Houndstooth McKenna in tan Ziel in neutral Fallive in olive and fawn Fiery in autumn colors

Have fun decorating, and remember to have fun! Oh, and the salt analogy. I think it makes sense. For once! And for more fall decor ideas, come visit our fall section and I assure you, you’ll find tons of great ideas you can use.

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