I know Spring is almost non-existent here in Mumbai, and yet, there is something delightful about its arrival. It ushers in a cascade of positive changes for our home and hearth and always brims with possibility- no matter how short it’s stint is. And I think it’s only natural of us to crave change at this time of the year.

With the windows flung open to invite the fresh breeze, daylight stretching its arms a bit longer, and nature painting a lush tableau outside, it’ll be a missed opportunity to not mirror this seasonal transformation.

Yet, amidst these aspirations lies the looming hurdle of budget constraints. The prospect of revamping every nook and cranny of our home with new pillow covers and “things” can swiftly accumulate into a costly endeavor.

Enter my budget-friendly solution: the strategic pivot of your artwork

By simply swapping out your existing pieces for fresh, spring-inspired art, you can achieve the most impactful transformation within your space without breaking the bank. And with a plethora of chic downloadable options available, this endeavor becomes not only effortless but also incredibly wallet-friendly.

Downloadable? Yep! You heard that right

If you’ve yet to venture into the realm of downloadable art, allow me to shed some light on this increasingly popular avenue. With artists and companies alike seeking to democratize the presence of art within our homes, digital downloads have emerged as a beacon of affordability and customization.

The beauty of it all? You likely already possess a suitable frame, rendering the process even more streamlined. With your chosen design printed at the perfect dimensions—easily achieved at home with a quality printer or through trusted outlets—you can effortlessly slip it into your existing frame.

So where can you download art from?

Vintage prints

One of my personal favorite place is The National Gallery of Art. And it is very clearly written here: The “National Gallery of Art has an open access policy for images of works of art in our permanent collection which the Gallery believes to be in the public domain. Images of these works are available for download free of charge for any use, whether commercial or non-commercial.”

If you are doing it for the first time, scroll down to the image reproduction guide which will help you with accurate color and clarity.

I have also bought art from The Altrove. This is a paid version but you get ready prints in a size of your choice.

Modern And Botanical Art

For modern art and illustrations, go to Artvee. They have botanical and drawings too from the public domain and they are absolutely stunning! For the above art- search for Luigi Balugani.

Where to print from

Well, vistaprint is an option but my best bet is to go to a printer’s shop and ask for 300 GSM art paper or matte paper. Works every single time!

Did you know you could make your prints look like painting?

If you want to make an ordinary print look like an oil painting, all you need is mod-podge. Matte preferably. Lay out your print and with a thick 2″ bristle start covering the art print in a fashion as if you were painting it. What we want is the texture of oil paint. Once the first coat dries, add another! Voila!

Got a good Spring tea towel? Go ahead and frame that!

You don’t need art on paper to refresh your wall art. Prints on fabric do the trick just as beautifully. We love framing fabric because sometimes the depth of pattern or texture is exactly what you want. Or ofcourse, go ahead and frame bits of your favorite spring wallpaper!

Try these tips this weekend and freshen up your existing space for less!

Happy weekend!

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