It’s bright, it’s cheerful and it will drive all the blues away like a bulldozer. Come along my lovelies, its time to make your home look like the Sunflower field. Also, if I am suggesting colored home accent, you can close your eyes and trust me on it because I generally don’t do colors (yes, you can can call me beigey betty) and if I do them, it means they are really pretty! They are the right kind of the particular shade- right enough to make it to my list.

Also, I have seen every single product, myself, in our nearest IKEA so you can buy this online too without second guessing.

One of my favorite IKEA summer addition to my home is this French blue planter. It’s called TRUMPETBUSKE and I can see it being used in so many different ways. Use a set of these as kitchen herb planters, ferns look great in the classic footed urn shape, the French blue is a classic color and would work for years to come, I can see a christmas tree in it with 100% confidence- this is brilliant!

Who knew I’d like a yellow table lamp so much that I’d carve out a place for it. But you see, that’s the thing about good design. It makes you want to experiment! Called BLÅSVERK this table lamp is easy to assemble, super light and looks very cool. I call it the Sunflower Light. It’s my happy light. It’s the light I want to steer towards if I ever get lost in darkness. It’s my insidious movie lantern. Right.

Also, I think with age, I am steering a lot towards color. And by no means- for the sake of sticking to what I loved in 2014 am I going to ignore this new love!

Okay, another stinking favorite are these checkered curtains called HÄGGVECKMAL that are available in two colorways- beige and grey. The texture is linen-y and there is absolutely no plastic backing whatsoever and yet it darkens the room upto 85%. Absolutely LOVE it. It has the most wonderful checkered pattern and adds a very English wallpaper-ish backdrop to this space.

Okay, now this is not a part of IKEA’s summer collection but it was on 60% sale (Btw, IKEA is having a 70% sale currently so just go) so I picked it up stat! The material is brushed flannel but without a duvet insert it works as a fine AC comforter! Win win! Its called STRUTBRÄKEN and its just really good!

I am also linking the rest from our list below – which I will buy over the weekend. Haha, little boxes every weekend helps me avoid awkward questions like – how many bedding do you actually need! And so on.

Just click on the images and you’ll land up on the product pages!


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