How much Annie Sloan chalk paint will you need to paint your cupboard? What about 2 small side tables? Will you need a primer? How to seal it? We are covering everything today, in this blog post, which is also my redemptive comeback as a home decor blogger. And I promise to not vanish again.

Okay, without digressing and talking about nonnas- which seems to be in fashion these days- here is the (pasta) dough.

How much Annie Sloan Chalk paint you will need to paint your furniture

From my experience,

A standard chair will take about 120 ml. You don’t need 2 coats but you can. The application is also best done with either a simple sponge roller or a round brush.

A standard 6 foot cupboard will need about 1 liter. Only exterior. Interior you may need upto 500 ml depending on how many shelves you have.

2 x standard side tables with drawers will need 500 ml.

An entire standard room- all 4 walls will 2 x 1 liter paint for premium coverage

Everything you see here is painted in Annie Sloan Chalk paint and I love how fabulous the finish is. So suave, so moody.

The shades you see here are: Country grey on console/mirror/frame, Canvas on door, Amsterdam green on the cabinet and Coolabah green on the two tone wall.

A tip from me: Buy 1 liter. It costs you cheaper in the long run and also can be used for a long time for many. many projects. Good for touch ups too!

What surfaces can I paint with chalk paint?

Almost everything! Metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass and even fabric! Yes fabric.

You don’t need to prime your furniture before painting at all. It works brilliantly as is!

The shades you see here are: Amsterdam green on cabinet and old white inside the cabinet.

How do I seal the chalk paint and save it from scratches and stains?

For your furniture, seal it with wax.

How to: Take clear wax to retain the color of the paint underneath. Scoop a little bit of wax at a time and work small areas at a time. Wipe off excess wax with a soft, clean cloth. I am attaching the fact sheet on wax from Annie Sloan here and you can download and read how to use wax for seal color or to distress.

For floors and dining table tops (basically the surfaces that see more traffic) seal with lacquer.

The polyacrylic lacquer dries wonderfully and once cured protects your surfaces underneath without getting yellow.

How to: Paint as you would with brush, like a top coat. Let it cure for 24 hours. But ideally a week.

Where do I get chalk paint from?

In India, Annie Sloan Chalk paints and wall paints are available via their stockists. You can either buy from artsynest or paintmomzy.

Important links for you to consider before embarking on the beautiful journey

Annie Sloan‘s website where almost everything is available.

For paint guides, go to the website, pick a paint and click on the technical specifications.

For inspiration, click on the inspiration tab that has tons of ideas that you can get inspired from

Did you know, you can mix different shades of paints to get a completely unique color? You can check my own projects to see how I have mixed different shades of paint to transform a lampshade.

If you are here in the blog, it means you are now ready with all the information you will need to venture into the wonderful world of chalk paint. Go on and order a small tin and find the perfect DIY project to do on a rainy day in!

Toodles, Rukmini

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