We are in the week of Christmas and it’s time I gave you all a full download on where to buy your Christmas ornaments from. Do it now so you get it on time. Actually, I should have done this before but hey…what’s done is done!

Of course, I have shared a lot of these on my instagram too but insta my friend is a fleeting bird! Nothing ever stays in there, nothing ever can be found when needed. It’s another kind of room of requirement. Seek and you will find hideous reels and then you will keep finding hideous reels. You cannot trust that platform. At all! So we write it in stone here.

In a beautiful blog! Where you will find when you seek.

Best brands to buy Christmas Ornaments from

Meraki: My pal and one of the best there is, Meraki is a Goa based brand which does gorgeous Christmas ornaments and paraphernalia. They have a store in Patto, Panji and you all absolutely must visit!

TheNeedleCrafter: Maitreyee is a master needle crafter and in our world, she is famous for her stuffed Christmas ornaments and gorgeous needle point soft furnishings. You can check her work and new collection out in her instagram and website

EmkayHome: A fairly new entrant in the Christmas college but what an entry it is. Their Christmas ornaments are as light as feather – which is very difficult to achieve to be honest. They are probably the only outfit who do vintage mercury glass decor and baubles in India and its a treat. Find them here

KariByKriti: Kriti runs Kari by Kriti, a beautiful outfit that focuses on Indian prints and craftsmanship and this year they launched their own felt Christmas ornaments- replete with zari work and its stinking cute. Ofcourse I have a bunch of them

Marks and Spencer: Nothing to add about M&S but that this year they have opened up their gorgeous glass ornaments to India and its delish! I have the candycane and the town house set and I have also ordered for a glass set! Find all Christmas collection here

IKEA: Out of all the years, this year’s IKEA Vinterfint collection is the best! Lots of glass ornaments and then similar finish in shatter proof too- which makes for a great addition in your kids rooms. This tree, believe it or not, is 100% IKEA, with some exceptions. Less than 5% is from other brands. Find the entire collection here

HnMHome: A lot of my ornaments are from HnMHome and they’re all heirloom. All glass, beautifully light and loads of options to choose from. 10/10! Find here

Glassforest: They do yearly hangies and it looks gorgeous. They are a bit on the heavy side though so you might need stronger branches.

TrumatterLiving: Well, its not that I saved the best for last but considering its our own brand, I always find it polite to put it after others. I have no idea why! But yes, we have cute ornaments at ours and you know where to find us!


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