Whether you are a pro-Christmas-er or just started out with your first tree, here is my ultimate guide for you, for festive buys from IKEA. I was in our local IKEA store last weekend and vetted each thing that I have put into the list so you can literally buy with closed eyes.

The ornaments that I have included are all glass – barring the shiny red and green baubles- and have full potential to be heirloom. IKEA never repeats their seasonal classics. For example- one year they did a set of rabbit, the next year they did a set of Swedish dala horses and this year they did a bunch of holiday inspired glass ornaments which look absolutely stunning. Somehow, for me, it has turned into a collector’s frenzy. I scrutiny their website every single year around August and pick up the new lot before it even gets a chance to be out of stock. Oh! AND THEY DO GET OUT OF STOCK very very quickly.

I also absolutely love their STRALA garland! It has the most beautiful realistic leaves and looks gorgeous as a mantle piece or a door decor. I remember how getting this was no less than getting a slot for the vax. It was in stock for one day and boom! Gone! Thankfully, it’s in stock in the Navi-Mumbai store so if you’re around, just pick it up! See how pretty they look.

The entire Holiday collection can be found under VINTERFINT online and in our local store- the last aisle after outdoor chairs. Damn! I actually can remember each section in my head right now, that’s how long I spend in there. But before all of that, I will address a very important question that you all have been asking.


Here’s the IKEA Christmas tree, styled in two ways. Does it look bare to you? On the contrary, the trees have gorgeous, real like leaves, the branches are strong and they are a gorgeous shade of dark green. Not the shady overtly, neon green spruce they sell in the name of Christmas trees. This is as close to a Fir you will get here in India. See this!

More myth busters: That only fuller Christmas trees look good. Nope! Sparse Christmas trees have a beauty of their own. If you want to decorate vintage style or Nordic style, a sparse tree is your best bet. Go here to find tons of ideas as to how to decorate sparse trees- Magazine style

You are good.

As for the ornaments, this is how they look on my main tree! Absolutely gorgeous.

All their holiday collection can be found under VINTERFINT and don’t forget to check your local IKEA for stock and availability. Or ofcourse! You can order online.

Happy Saturday and Enjoy!


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