Holiday glassware that is absolutely, 100% pure glam

No traditional motif, aye! And yet, set a pair of these tumblers on your table with some good red, a few mirrored baubles and you will think no other.

GlassForest– one of my favorite, home grown glassware and art-in-glass brand – launched their Twilight collection recently and I have been itching to get my hands on these beauties ever since.

Unconventional, modern, and with a sprinkling of art-deco, the collection celebrates the beauty of simple geometry in humble shades of black and white and yet, manages to lend the same sense of luxury and extravagance as a length of rich, plum silk would.

Inspired by the grey winter skies and moody twilights, the collection brings in a very modern approach to luxury glassware and manages to strike a fine balance between simple and dressy; everyday and occasional.

In lucid words, the Twilight collection truly elevates a simple act of having a glass of wine into a fine affair. or atleast it does for me. I poured us a little red, brought out the gifting list, played a holiday movie and packed the gifts… and it all nurtured my soul.

The Twilight collection has tumblers, goblets and coupe– and I love them all.

The goblets with their conical, long stem are drop-dead-glam. Almost befitting Kris Jenner’s Holiday party!

The coupes are stinking cute and belong to most of our tables with either a refill of champagne or a bit of ice cream! I’ll take French vanilla with a drizzle of Christmas fruit soaking liquid please. So, so pretty!

I mean just look at this. Tell me are they not cute? And they not drop dead gorgeous?

Snagged a couple of tumblers for our Christmas lunch this year and I had to come here and show you all this. They have limited stock so go get them!

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