Where to find good, premium faux Christmas trees.

I think I am asked this exact question- more often than not- in these exact words, year after year, during this time. Haha, and in multiple platforms. And I almost, always answer.

Because I get it. Finding a good tree that looks good and would last one years to come, is difficult. Especially in a world where most products are online and photos can be deceiving.

Last year I penned down our favorite faux Christmas tree joints in a blog. This year I wanted to focus on each of those brands and pick out a few of my favorites so you can use these blogs as a guide. I also asked for close ups of each tree from their shops so you can see what the trees actually look like.

Okay, no digression.

First up- Trinity Christmas

Trinity Christmas is a dedicated online and offline Christmas store that brings in premium trees and Christmas decorations at our doorstep. Though they have physical stores in Bangalore and Chennai, you can buy from them online and they deliver pan India. This post is also very kindly sponsored by them- thank God they thought I was legit when I reached out!

I spoke to Rayman and his team and picked out 5 favorite trees that I think would be beautiful in Holiday slathered homes. I also saw videos of these so you can rest assured.

Right! Here we go.

#1 Plymouth Elysian Fir PE Christmas tree

Why I love it: This faux Christmas tree looks totally real. Fully PE no PVC. Comes with hinged branches which simplifies setup. Has 967 Tips for you to decorate! And PE trees also last you ages. My own tree is a PE one. Find here

#2 Palladian Elfin Fir 

Why I love it: Now, while they call it fir, it looks closest to a pine. And I love that. Very full, looks gorgeous with full PE construction, comes with hinged branches for easy assembly and has 1,936 tips. This is the 8 ft one but comes in 6ft too!

If you are doing a rustic decor, this is particularly a great tree to get in. Popcorn garlands, pine cones, sugared fruit- this one’s a keeper. Find here

#3 Durham Frosty Pine

Why I love it: Value for money. Gives you a very lush looking tree. Has both PE and PVC with pine – the tips are PE. Frosted tips look really good, specially if you are decking it up with traditional Christmas colors. Does not look very realistic but is full. Get Here

#4 Slim Italian Pencil Tree

Why I love it- It’s perfect for homes with small spaces. Looks full, is tall but will fit in any space. Love the little pops of red berries and gentle dusting of snow. Plus its very affordable- a 6 ft tree costs 13,500/-

This is also great if you have a porch. Two on either side of the steps will be so beautiful! Get here

#5 Pre-lit Andalusia Rustic Fir

Why I love it– Has PE tips and PVC fillers inside but looks realistic owing to the PE tips. It’s a perfect size for a child’s room or for front door/ entryway. Love the little pops of red and rustic pine cones. And…it is PRELIT! Prelit is a blessing that I want in my life next year because it takes the most time while decorating a tree.

I also love the planter and overall it has a very beautiful rustic appeal.

Some tips to buy the perfect tree online

Additionally, here are some tips that I personally follow while buying a tree online-

Ask for close ups. Not the fancy photo shoot ones. Simple phone ones. It helps you gauge

Always check the response time of the customer service exec

Ask about the return and replacement clauses before hand

Opt for a trusted shop as opposed to ones you don’t know

Check for reviews

Well! That’s it. I hope you all find this handy and see you with another round up in Part 2!

Byeee xo

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