There is nothing more delightful, at least to the likes of me, than cozying up on a cold night with a cup of hot drink and a good movie. As a matter of fact, even the possibility of such a night in the near future, puts me in a position of great contentment and joy! I look forward to movie nights, albeit in the comforts of my home. Unless I am really keen on cinema-on-big-screen experience- which I believe is the right way to watch a good movie- I am perfectly happy with the inch size tele. My posh pajamas (may have a few holes and stains) are the only other thing I look forward to so eagerly on a night like that.

I have also realized that our movie watching is highly influenced by the weather outside. Unless ofcourse you are my husband who only sees movies where in the first five minutes two people have died the most gruesome death with a sharp knife. That man can see action movies like no other. All season action movie man! So case in point is, we are not talking about the likes of him. If you are this person, please go away.

We are talking about my lot. Who sees warm, fall movies with pumpkin spice latte because- as unrealistic as it may sound in Bombay- its September. And in November 1st we magically switch to the Grinch and Mariah Carey. Heck, i’d say 31st october, 11:59 we start refreshing our movie list.

This list is for the likes of us. And…and…although these movies are not necessarily meant to be watched in autumn, I do think that its these colder, cozy months that bring out the best in them. They are just great flicks to intensify those coziness that comes naturally with a thicker duvet.

#1 The odd life of Timothy Green

Great, fall visuals. Heart-warming. Telling you nothing more. Just watch!

#2 When Harry met Sally

Meg Ryan at her finest. Autumn in New York. Classic.

#3 Autumn in NewYork

A classic tear-jerker with a side of Richard Gere. Yes. yes to all of it!

#4 Edward Scissorhands

You could name the autumn months as Tim Burton months and no one would have any problem at all. And I have always found Edward Scissorhands to be the most perfect fall time movie with its grim scenery and twiggy trees!

#5 October Kiss

Firmly back in the universe of Hallmark here! October kiss is just full of pumpkins and great orange trees and halloween- just see it!

#6 Hocus Pocus

When would you see Hocus Pocus if not in fall! Hello! Spectacular autumn foliage, the amazing witchy Sanderson sisters, all the witchcraft- you’re set!

#7 Little Women 1994

This was released on Christmas Day in 1994 but I am telling you this is a fall-winter movie. Also, if you happen to see the Saoirse Ronan and timothee Chalemet version- it’s still a great movie. Though- and probably because I am old soul- 94 beats the current one. Any day.

#8 The woman in the window

Amy adams- a child psychologist with agoraphobia sniffs a murder out. Yes. Bring that popcorn out ladies. Murder mysteries are therapeutic

#9 Monster House

One of my favorite, favorite animation movies is Monster House. It’s the most wonderful kind of spooky movie and I can watch it again and again and again.

#10 Colors of Love

A very predictable hallmark romance but set against gorgeous fall-y scenery. Saw it, okay liked it. Haha. What an honest review!

And there you have it! A mix of new and old, modern and classic – but all super cozy- fall movies to watch this autumn. Enjoy.

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