10 shimmering gifts to give this season from GlassForest

There’s something undeniably magical about the sparkle of glass, especially when set against festive lights. This is probably also why the finest occasions in our life demand shiny stemware and serve-ware. I presume it’s the quality of sparkle. It travels from glassware to the people using it, making the entire affair a happy, sparkly one! Needless saying, I love glass. In all its shape and uses!

And I also think it makes one of the most perfect gifts!

As a person who appreciates the finer things in life, allow me to share with you my top ten glass treasures that’ll make for exquisite gifts this season. I could actually embark upon an eloquent paragraph talking about it and drawing life’s philosophy from it all but I guess I will save it for my friends whom I truly want to torture. Preferably after a few drinks in one of these glasses!

Also, I am picking everything from GlassForest today as I have known them for years now and the quality of their glass is truly unmatched. I have not used any other but them and IKEA and I will make two separate posts so it’s easier to link and find.

Here’s the list

1. Stemless Wine Glasses: This is the drinkware version of the viral bowl-plates! Because its stemless these glasses open up serving possibilities and make for the most versatile add on to your drinkware cupboard. Gift it to yourself or to your loved ones!

2. Glass Decanters: I don’t know if whiskey tastes better when poured from a decanter but I sure do love one. It’s alright if you’re just serving water from it- bet it’ll taste great. Great, great gifts they do make.

3. Handblown Glass Vases: GlassForest’s vases are my personal favorite: they always make large bases and narrow necks and it looks oh so dramatic. Hard recommend as gifts!

4. Get the Christmas ornaments early: Decking the halls maybe months away but let me tell you get their hand blown Christmas ornaments in discount. Gift it during Christmas! You cannot tell me I don’t take care of you.

5. Stained Glass Suncatchers: Beautiful gifts to give and receive! And they have it in a plethora of colors. How nice will it be to pair some of these with your Diwali gift hampers? They are so very cheerful.

6. Exquisite glass straws: If you are looking for a gift that’ll not look like you have bought something out of under 2000 in amazon recommends, pick up their set of 4 glass straws. It’s so whimsical that its instant joy. There are plain ones and then there are ones with frogs and flamingos. So very cool!

7. Handblown glass containers: If you must fill almonds and pistachio in your gift hamper, do it with style! GlassForest has Chirp jars that are perfect for candy and nuts! Also make for gorgeous gifts!

8. Chip and Dip bowls: entertaining and festivities go hand in hand and no one ever told us that they have too many good looking bowls! So clearly, these colored glass bowls will make for THE most perfect gift. Notch it up with all the colors or notch it down with a set of similar toned ones. Very easy to score full points.

9. Handblown glass filled with festive candles: Mogra, wild rose and lavender-patchouli. You have three scents to choose from and the candles from GlassForest look ever so plush. Needless saying- makes great gifts.

10. Mireya Table Lamp: Given how mushroom lamps are trending on the blogland and the gram, the Mireya lamp will not only fit the bill but also elevate it. Laquered teak and handblown borosilicate glass comes together to make the most beautiful table lamps and they cast the most incredible glow. The stout is my favorite though. Although, I do think this gift you will reserve for yourself: it’s expensive and way too gorgeous to give away. Haha. Sorry!

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