Before anything, can we just celebrate the fact that we actually find fall foliage now, here in India- online? Hurrah!

We will take a minute to consider this fact as a “glimmer” and dedicate a whole block to it. Two minutes of joyful silence please. By the way, instagram taught me “glimmers” are opposite to “triggers” that angers us. Or saddens us. These are small moments through out the day that makes us super happy. Half of me wants Aunty-Acid to comment on this. But nevertheless… This blog is about faux fall foliage. Not skepticism-that-comes-with-old-age.

When I started off, fall foliage would mean picking up random dried branches from the neighborhood greenies- which honestly is so much fun- but it came with its own set of challenges. Specially after our feline babies. A cat’s nose is highly sensitive and they can get severe allergies or toxic reactions from plants and I really didn’t want to take chances here because with them, it escalates fast. Really fast.

So most plants are now out of question. I have had a few people ask me about my unsustainable recommendations and choices and I ask them in return if they love to travel. Because that is far more unsustainable than buying a bunch of flowers that you will keep forever. So that. Don’t feel guilty about buying a few plastic things. They are not all that bad. Just don’t chuck them away!

Without any further ado, here we go!

Aspen leaves from Pottery Barn

Brown Bouquet from IKEA

Fall Leaves bunch from The Decor Kart

Red eucalyptus bunch from Marks and Spencer

Fejka maple leaf from IKEA

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