Well, hello, hello! How are you holding up in your neck of woods? Can’t bleckin’ believe the year is over and funny thing is every year I feel the year went faster than the former for some odd reason. I don’t know why. Can be the age, can be the age and a lot to do {count two cats who are lately upto something I am desperately trying to figure but cant fathom} or can be the year too who is increasingly getting fleet-y. Who knows. But one thing is for certain, no matter how fast or slow the year went, or how good or s****y, I am going to end it with a bang. I’m going to be sitting on a pretty table, gather my loved ones around me and count blessings of being able to appreciate the finer things of life just drinking cheap wine from a good glass and getting high. Laughing unending on jokes and get my hopes up on the smoke wafting from the BBQ grill! And a Trumatter Style new year tablescape will help me get there!

Okay, so before anything else, #TrumatterStyle is a style that takes inspiration from life’s comfort and informality and with palettes borrowed from the beach! In short- simple, effortless and a chic style that makes you and your guests feel comfortable and yet looks good and collected. Think things that are no hassle, does double duty, isn’t occasion exclusive, looks good and stays for a long time in style. A lot of you asked me on instagram and twitter about the style, so here it is. That is Trumatter Style!

And now to our New Year Tablescape

Now, though we are spending our new year with cousins at Rohan’s folks’, if I was spending my new year in Mumbai, this is how it would have been. For my new year tablescape, I would have taken our food and drink out to our balcony because cold & fireworks. Mumbai’s been throwing a spell of good weather lately, and I would not have let this go to waste.

I also wanted to try out a slightly different palette- which is not very sparkly to be honest but festive nevertheless for our new year tablescape- and these beautiful table linen by @mj_with_love totally fits in the scape.

Infact, for this, I specially called in linen from them because there is no one in my opinion who does table linen better than MJ. And when I say better, I mean better in terms of pricing, quality, design and style. It’s so global and chic and classy with just the right shade of vintage- I absolutely love them. Plus, the linens do justice to practically every kind of tablescape- from simple to festive! I also absolutely love the plates from amazon that does a lot of double duty and these tumblers from Chumbak that adds quite a bit of interest as opposed to clear glasses. Quite funky!

Also note, most of the decor is actually overhead which saves table space {given its anyway very tiny} and also adds a bit of dreamy oomph to the whole space which is otherwise well…just a balcony! Remember the branch light we added last month to our space? I keep dressing it up to occasion and it does the job quite well. Hung our IKEA lantern from it and also a few eucalyptus which I got from IKEA too!

This is a table for two because we will not be seeing friends but if you do you can simply replicate the whole setup in a larger scale.

Here are the links to my new year tablescape decor

Incase you want to get your hands on them, here are the links:

Table Linen: @mj_with_love

Plates: Amazon Basics

Tumbler: @chumbak

Lantern, plant & Candle: IKEA, India

We’re off tomorrow and I am not sure if I will have access to internet to actually edit photos and pen down a blog but I’ll be on instagram if you want to see how our new year is unfolding! Oh, are you following me there? Please do if you are on insta and yeah, a comment or two on the blog always help!

To a good year, and one better to follow!

Sleeves up and decorate #TrumatterStyle

Cheers, Rukmini

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