Naina’s Scandinavian home in Gentofte, Copenhagen tagged with #TrumatterStyle

Last year I started documenting my style {Comfort laden, inspired by informality, lots of white and bits and bobs of colour; one that reminds you of a breezy beach house} under the hashtag #TrumatterStyle on Instagram and little did I know that in a matter of 12 months we will have more than 1200 posts with people tagging their #TrumatterStyle corners, vignettes and homes. Truly overwhelming given I am a nobody and how spot on their #TrumatterStyle is. So this Christmas, I thought of starting a new tradition!

Every month, on the 26th, I shall feature the best homes/corners/products tagged under #TrumatterStyle so I can give back the love they give me and everyone else can follow along and get some #TrumatterStyle eye candy too!

This one’s the Holiday edition!

Naina’s #TrumatterStyle @spiceinthecity

Naina’s home in Gentofte, Copenhagen is a treat to the eye! And although she mostly blogs about gorgeous food for busy families, she has quite an eye for decor: her home spills class and grace. Wrapped beautifully with a scarf of Scandi and brought in intrigue with elements from her roots, Naina’s home is one of my personal favourites! You can follow her here

Lorraine’s #TrumatterStyle @justlocasa

She is a Goan in Toronto and she mixes the east and the west like a boss! Adore her home she did up for the holidays with pops of red against the snow white backdrop.

Swarna Kiran’s #TrumatterStyle @swarna_madhuri

Swarna stays in Mumbai and like me decided to get all the snowy Christmas feels in her apartment. So built in a nifty little faux fireplace, added some fire through her cast {I might have very well started this trend and my husband thinks its no good} and added a garland to fire up the Holiday home. Verdict? I freaking love it. Infact I am also stealing her idea of the fireplace.

Ralph’s #TrumatterStyle @ralph_bhatia

If you can be a rat and cook like gusteau, you can be man’s best friend and have a very flattering Trumatter Style. Ralph, I think you have done a great job in decorating that tree. We will look forward to your amazing adventures.

Well, that’s it for this month’s Trumatter Style bests. We will see you with fresh features in January, so till then follow me on my instagram and tag away.

To an amazing community that we have built over years.


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