Moons ago, once, I asked my mother what she wanted for Mothers Day. Freshly clued into the idea of Mothers Day and very excited to do something extra special- I thought my mom was a joy kill when she said, “absolutely nothing”. The best part was, I could see she really meant it. There was this certain happiness about her face with which she declined my question, and a 10-year-old just couldn’t figure out these complex emotions. I just couldn’t figure why would someone not want anything, given the fact that I had a perpetual list ready for things I wanted if you cared to ask me. How can someone not want anything and still be that happy?

I still made her a card and got some flowers which made her super happy too, but I think the fact that I asked her made her happier than anything else. And after all these years I get it. When I ask my mom in law the same question, the answer is just the same. “Absolutely nothing”. And there is that same, contentment etched all across her face when she says that. And I think while buying a gift is an excellent gesture, one can do more with the day and the occasion without spending a dime. After all, we don’t have to necessarily commoditize everything, do we?

Here are our 10 surefire ways to make Mothers Day extra special for your mom without having to spend a penny!

Time. Spend time

I think I feel it more and more as I grow old myself that our time in this earth is limited. And there is absolutely nothing more precious than to spend quality time with our loved ones because once time catches up, it’s over. Skip the mug and the gift, buy yourself a ticket and go visit her instead. If she is around you, spend the day with her!

Give a hug

Now, I have been a weird kid and my way of saying I love you mom is by biting the softest part of the hand, gently. Like a cat. Or randomly place my face on my stomach and hear it growl. Haha, yeah, very weird. But truth is, moms know and that physical touch is worth a thousand gifts over. Give her a hug, hold her hand, put a peck on her cheeks and waltz with her. if she finds it silly, even better.

Make her a good meal

How about making a good meal this Mothers Day with mom and a glass of wine? Cook a dish you learnt from her or one she likes. Set up a table and relish a good meal with Mom. Here’s a good table setting idea

The Bed tea magic

Bed tea is special and you don’t need MoonMoon sen to tell you that. I mean she couldn’t figure out people were fighting in her area because her bed tea was late. Imagine the power it has yeah? Okay, jokes apart, bed tea makes one feel absolutely special and both my moms enjoy a good cuppa, served hot as they wake up. Do this.

See old photos and eat cake

One of our favorite things to do at both moms and mom in laws is to see old photos and revisit memories. We do that a lot. And it’s so much fun. This Mothers Day, take out your old albums, make a good cake and have a good time with mom

Say those magic words

“Mom, I really love the meals you cook for me”. Or, “Mom, you’re the best ever”. Or as we tell our mom in law, “Bhalobasha to mother”. Or, haha, if you’re me and kept a name for your mom (I’ll excuse you here) call her that and say Happy Mothers Day. Write it down from me, no gifts will ever be a match to this.

Do the chores

There is no greater way of showing you care than to pick up one’s chores really. That s**t is selfless. This Mothers Day, indulge in an act of service for mom. Do the groceries, help her with her office work if you can, drive her to the station, get the vegetables, clean the car or home or just let her relax by taking the daily chores from her. A bit of me time is good for everyone.

Make her a good face mask or a scrub

There are lots of DIY facemasks that you can make and they’re generally pretty good. One great scrub that I use and also taught my mom how to make is the coffee-sugar-olive oil scrub. It smells so good and feels wonderful on the skin!

Forage her a bouquet

As a child, I used to forage and do a lot of bouquets and my mom used to cherish them as long as they’d survive. She would also add- to my epic embarrassment- she is very creative when people asked but that’s a story for another day. A small bouquet kept on her dresser or cupboard can put an instant smile on your moms face and she’ll forever remember this.

Click a mom and me photo and gift it to her

Now this is something I want to do. Pick a photo from your childhood and enact it now. Keep the photos side by side on the fridge for her to see when you are not around. I have a bunch of photos I want to recreate with mom and now that they’re in Kolkata, I might just fly in one day and do them.

But ofcourse, if your mom likes something specific and have been meaning to buy something for a while, tap in on that and surprise her. But if she is the “I really have everything” kind, here are your best bet to tell your Mom you love her to bits- On Mothers Day and everyday. Remember, not everything good comes in a box. Or cost you a Dolla!

Have a great friday, weekend and Mothers Day yall!

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