I love magnolias. Seriously, how stunning do they look when they’re in full bloom! But unfortunately in Mumbai, we don’t get any to bring home to. Forget snipping one from the tree, even if you wanted to buy you wouldn’t. To be super honest, I have never seen a magnolia branch but in photos- in dreamywhitelifestyle’s photos to be precise- and I have been on this forever since. It’s so whimsical and dramatic and graceful- I just had to have a magnolia branch at home and I finally got around to do this DIY which- if I say so myself- did a very good job in mimicking a real branch.

Best part is, this is like level 0 DIY. All you need is a good looking dry branch, silk or felt magnolia and a pitcher/vase/glass. Detach the blooms from the stem, add a little fevicol to the branches and fix the blooms. Stick it in a vase or pitcher and voila! But for doing so little, the effect is quite dramatic.

Pretty rad right? Best part is, you can do it with smaller flowers like cherry blossom, pear blooms, or any other flower you like. I bought my magnolia from West Side home section for 349 bucks. I saw a few on Amazon too, I am linking it below so you all can choose.


You can buy the flowers here and a slightly more expensive version here

The branch I got in locally and the white pitcher is from IKEA Sweden so if anyone’s making a trip to IKEa Hyderabad, you can ask them to pick it up for you, till they open their online shopping!

Well, that’s it! Easy peasy!

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