Morning good people! How was your weekend and how have you been? As for us, we have been adding feathers to our DIY repertoire: this time though, the protagonist is not paint but a hot pan. Simply put, we have a lovely Kacchi Biryani recipe here today in Trumatter land and its making me very happy, the idea of cooking Biryani out of a box! Haha, we lived out of a box, now we cook out of a box, without any pre-prep or even moving a darn muscle. Lazy was always my kinda thing, and this just makes entertaining at home, a whole deal easier. Trust me when I tell you, ‘this is cooking 5 star restaurant like Biryani without moving a darn muscle’. Read on!

Kacchi Chicken biryani 1

In my DIY repertoire I have cornered many a task but cooking Biryani is not one of them. When Biryani is concerned, we buy it off the little stores that lace our local Masjid road because no where else can they replicate that beautiful, smoky, authentic taste. And yes, I have had Biryani in quite some places who claims to specialize in Biryani.

Clearly, when Chef Abhishek {Abhishek worked with Zomato when they had just launched the service in Mumbai and worked there after with Taj and ITC group of hotels. He also did the Food Creatives of Masterchef India season 3 and Junior Masterchef, introducing new tasks, ideas, concepts, techniques and ingredients} who also happens to be a friend’s friend, asked me to try his DIY kachhi chicken biryani kit from his new venture 42 Spices – an outfit that enables enthusiasts and noobs with easy to cook recipes, with fresh, pre-prepped and measured ingredients {yes, just like you see in Masterchef} and see if it changes my view that Biryani can’t be made at home, I thought for once to consider. And oh, my! Am I happy with the taste or am I happy with the smell!

IngredientsIngredients as you unbox! Yes, that’s freshly chopped onions and marinated chicken! All you need to do is follow the instructions on the pamphlet and unleash the cook in you. I love how every little detail is taken care of, including the aluminium foil, cooking ghee or clarified butter, garnish and mint leaves. Like I said, its literally cooking out of a and the box!

Freshly prepared every morning, all you need to do is order a day or two in advance and you can get the box delivered right at your doorstep, the day you intend to cook and please. God, why did it take 30 years to come up with something like this. My 30 years that is. Here is a quick, step-by-step video, by the chef himself, to see how to make DIY Kacchi Chicken Biryani at home. Very easy to follow!

I’ll be honest with you, I really didn’t think it will come out this good. In my stint of staying alone and cooking I have tried many a ready concoction to ease my hunger pain but there was nothing quite like this. I think more than the Biryani getting done well, its the whole experience of cooking like a masterchef contestant. Open the box, follow the pamphlets to the T, execute: ah! the pleasure was all mine! But again, the experience is not all I noticed. There are also a couple of things- crucial things- which the box eliminates.

“Whether it is not having the right ingredients at the right time, the messy pre-prep involved before the actual cooking or over-ordering of ingredients and hence over paying: cooking can get really tricky, specially dishes like Biryani which we all love to eat but shy away from cooking it, given its list of ingredients. Measured quantities reduces wastage of money and ingredients and 42 Spices gives one that perfect recipe to refer to without racking their heads over the internet and weighing the authenticity of the recipe. Not every novice in the kitchen knows how long to heat the oil for or what does ‘salt-to-taste’ means. We break down the recipes to that extent.”, rightly puts Abhishek.

biryani 3

42 Spices caters with options that range from biryani to risotto and are meals fit for two. You can check out what they offer right here.  You can follow them on facebook for new additions and offers.

A little about people behind 42 Spices that deserves mention-

Abhishek Bahadur and Nihar Sawant are the founders of 42 Spices. Abhishek is an IT graduate turned chef. He worked with Zomato when they had just launched the service in Mumbai. After heading operations there for a year, he took up the culinary line. He got to work with the Taj and ITC group of hotels. He also did the Food Creatives of Masterchef India season 3 and Junior Masterchef, introducing new tasks, ideas, concepts, techniques and ingredients. He has been working on 42 Spices since January. Nihar was a junior of Abhishek while they were doing their IT. They knew about each other’s existence, but met only last year when they both were to go for the same Himalayan Expedition to Sar-Pass. Nihar has had a hardcore tech background, He was part of a startup- 3d Tin which got acquired by Autodesk. He also had his own startup- Expojure, a photo sharing for social media tool.
Ingredients part 2So, that would be it from me today and I hope you get yourself to experience this as well.
If you are a reader of my blog and would like to try this at home, shoot a comment and we’ll give you 100 off on the MRP.
To good food and even greater ideas.
Roy XO

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