Hello there! We are many Fridays behind from when this DIY chic candle votive tutorial was supposed to be posted, but better late than never! Thanks to the vaccum that has been created suddenly- one of the two men in this house is away to help my MIL with my FIL’s operation, and I am suddenly finding myself in a very weird position, one where there is nothing to do- that I could finally get around doing the post. The beauty of the thought of making no meals for an entire day is a creative boost in its own right 😉

DIY Scented Candle votives
Jokes apart, We hang out with each other a lot, our friends are common, our interests are common {no,not bike, just not that} and with him being away, there is absolutely no obligation to cook meals, as well. You know, those ‘will have cake for all meals’ kinda day when you just dont feel like cooking for one? I often joke that I’ll be a social outcast if we were to get divorced. But again, these moments of lonely are the perfect times to open the rusty lappy and go on with the blog I have been meaning to write without moving an inch from the pot of coffee!

And now that I have filled you with an unnecessary amount of my married life, I shall get to the DIY Chic candle votive! And it uses kitchen tissues, modgepodge and a ball pen!

DIY Scented candle votive 2I love Sarah’s home {abeachcottage} and her display of candles and she kills us softly us with her images from her home in sydney. I had a lot of scented candles lying around in my home but I couldn’t find any chic/beach style/ cottage worthy votive to put them on display. Plus, these candles were tealights and not jar candles or pillars which made display option a bit of trouble. I wanted to have dedicated votives for the scented candles and make it look like a couture jar candle, specially crafted sort of a thing! So I took a few of the mini glasses that was lying around, dipped tissue paper in modgepodge and wrapped it around: I wanted a translucent votive. Next, when it was dry to touch, I wrote a bit on the front and back with a black ball pen and brushed a final layer of modge on top to secure.



Let dry and light up!

Your DIY chic candle votive, straight out of a tailored candle shop, is here in 0 rupees!

DIY scented candle votive 3

Create. Enjoy!


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