Hello in there! Happy Sunday to you! We have a cute stool makeover here- one which I am very proud of considering my patience always wears thin- and methinks you will love this little Nautical/ Beach inspired stool too. Little rascal’s looking way too fab, and it’s all cornered under $5! Yes, yes, cheap and chic…repeat afterย me ๐Ÿ˜‰

Stool makeover with edited text

Stool makeover 2You know what? I am a master procrastinator. Three years back, I bought a set of uggs, cheap grey plastic stool from our local market to reach the loft and high nooks. Then, somewhere down the line I felt like making it a little more ugly and spray painted them with white: ofcourse the paint ran over, I got lazy and it lay there for 2 years half grey, half white like a plagued chicken. It was so horrible that I never got them out again until day before. I owed them some justice {You need to do this from time to time in order to keep your place secured in furniture heaven…DIY God is always judging you}

Here’s the before:


I’ve been a long admirer of jute and cane wood and this was the perfect guineapig to try my nautical experiment on!

I started wrapping the jute rope around the top, hot gluing it after every 20 cm. I continued doing it till I practically thought here on I’m the mantis and reached the epicenter of this ugly stool. Next, I painted the legs with 2 coats of Asian Paints BR white and let it dry for a day before using it. As simple as that!

This is how the finished stool looks:

Stool makeover 3Yes, I know, I painted a little over while painting the legs but its now gone. A bit of sanding with fine grit (1200) did the trick quite swell.

Honestly, again like all of my projects, this is brain dead too. Start from the rim, work the rope through to the top, putting a drop of hot glue after every 20 cms as you wrap. However, there are certain points I would like to highlight incase you are wondering what is hot glue gun, where is it available, how does it work, what surfaces would it work, how to paint a stool and how not to screw it all up royally ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Hot glue gun is available in all leading hardware. It is available in 24-7 mall in ghatopar if you are wondering where I picked it from. You can order it online from Amazon.in or even Snapdeal.com. They also give you combos of glue gun and glue sticks for 500 or something. Trust me, it’ll last a good year or two.

2. Hot glue works on electric and the glue, as rightly named, is very, very hot. If you are not careful you can hurt yourself. My hands are full of blisters from unending number of fish fries so I dont care ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Make small yarns of jute rope and then start working. It will make your work faster and easier. They are prone to tangles and you wouldn’t like to detangle and wrap everytime.

4. Plug in the hot glue gun only when you have sorted everything else. It drips and you wouldn’t want to waste glue or spoil any other surface on which its resting.

5. If you want to paint over jute you can. Just ensure you have used it out a bit.

Here’s a photo from the state intermediate. Look at its ugly grey…ewwww


And here’s the final one:

Final stoolmakeover

I think it turned out well. What do you think?

Happy Sunday yet again, have a fantastic weekend. This is me, signing off and going to buy flowers.



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  1. You know what? I know you spammed. I get it. But its the most absurd spam I have ever recieved. So thanks for that.

  2. Hello
    I also have a stool chair but it’s red
    So how can I decorate my red chair? Expert ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Have nice day

  3. hey..i have some jute rope low seating stools. rope looks worn out now.
    wanted to add some colour to it.

    is it posiible to paint rope.

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