Morning, Happy Friday and welcome to Trumatter! If you are planning on a summer beach vacation or looking for a luxury beach resort in India, I have a something for you, you will fall in love with. And yes, this involves pretty beach huts, old trees that support lazy humans, calm backwaters and the Arabian sea from your window, atop the hill. Interested? Hop in, for you’ll find more surprises inside {something on the lines of booking a camping trailer by the beach or ac-beach-huts}


Tucked away in a small coastal village in Karnataka, about 130 kilometers from Mangalore, this is the beach resort you have been looking for if you are on a luxury beach house spree. 

Overlooking the quaint and oh-so-blue Arabian Sea, Sai Vishram Beach Resort is a couture beach-hotel that caters to its visitors with not one but several accommodation {count 8} choices {which ranges from a tent to an ac tent, luxury villas and a camping trailer}, a complete list of outdoor and water sport activities, a fully functional traditional, Ayurvedic spa with in house physicians to guide through, a non-alcoholic and pure vegetarian menu, which they believe is crucial for the wellness program they offer, and of course a thousand million spots for laze and leisure.


Ah! How I’d love a splash of cool right now! Unlike a lot of destination wellness places that require you to adhere to a certain schedule, in Sai Vishram Beach Resort there is none. Take a bow to surf and turf, do some dolphin watching, take a quick visit to the spa and then head to a shade by the oldest tree and watch the day go by with a book, under a thatched cabana on the satiny, white sands: like I told you, this is one of the few Indian Beach resorts that literally spoils you with options. 

I am not an adrenaline rush hog so I’ll take the later and count my blessings, but if you are, you can get a list of activities they offer right here. Boy, O boy do they rope in some sports extreme for the rush hungry!


This, on the other hand is 100% ‘my scene’. Solitude, beach, one of the best beach resort to fall back as the moon rises, long walks, deep blues and the pleasure of having to do nothing: just me~ If you are someone like me who enjoys nothing, this place has a lot to offer to you too! It’s almost breathtaking, the view from its rooms and not an inch diminishes as you step out. It’s as if you have stepped in a place that you thought existed only in travel magazines. Correct me if I am wrong but I do think time stops in the vicinity of eternal beauty and this place feels nothing short of timeless.


And I hear this beach resort is known for helping visitors etch timeless memories as well! A visitor I spoke to recently told me that he has been there at least 11 times to discover every possible accommodation there is and he is in love with the Denali! The Denali? well, well! We are getting to my favorite part. But before that, a quick sneakpeak of the room!


Ooh! i like canopies done beige 😉 I like a backdoor too! And now to my favorite part.

The Denali, by Dutchmen, is a 36 Ft. long camping trailer which is capable of accommodating 6 persons on board, and is designed for people who love to travel, stay, indulge and explore exotic locations. A quick rendezvous with the manager revealed that “Currently, the Denali is located in the backwaters of Harangi Dam Reservoir at Kushalngar, in Coorg district. We invite our guests to try out a weekend of luxury camping in the Denali.” Jeez, like I haven’t been inspired enough by one man and his camper van! You can book here.

In addition, there are beach cottages, ac tents, luxury cottages, Earth cottages {inspired by earth and its tones} deluxe cottages and ac cottages. Take a look at your options.

IMG-20150111-WA0033 (1)

And when the day is done, sit by a backwater and relax your city-stamped, tired soul. Get back the mojo, breathe fresh and rise from where you were yesterday. Vishram means “to relax” and there could not have been a fitting name to describe this lovely beach property.

Nature I tell you has healing: all you need to do is experience it unadulterated, and that’s precisely what SaiVishram Beach Resort lets you do. Next time you are in India and are planning on a holistic beach stay, this is your dig.

Can’t wait to grab that camping trailer and do the beach house gypsy dance. You coming?

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