Hello and welcome to yet another episode trumatter: we are broadcasting vintage tin measures, English roses and a bit of French Farmhouse styling meets beach house colors. You sure would be interested now, wouldn’t you?

vintage tin, english roses 2You know sometimes I wonder where I get these ideas from! It’s almost silly.

Last week when I visited my neighbourhood grocer, I spotted these tin measures rested carefully atop gunny bag full of rice and pulses, and I couldn’t help but notice its wonderful galvanized finish and eventually buying one of the grocer. You should have seen the look on his face: it was one of dismay and surprise and absolute clueless-ness. And how could he not be amused!¬†The common mass here I tell you has no appetite for chipped, rusted and vintage. For too long they have hold on to their tins from World War I and famine and they’d rather just discard it and get some shiny steel, to remind them that good days are here. For many, discarding old things is ‘moving on’ and that’s equally good. Me on the other hand refuse to let go of the glorious past.

vintage tin english ros 3It’s almost funny how he repeatedly tried to talk me out of it saying “madam, ye purana hain…naya aapko apmc me mil jayega” {mam, this is very old and rusted, you’d get a new one in apmc market}. But who wants shiny eh? Where is the character in shiny? It’s just shiny! Worst is, he refused to take any money for him but I know how much its worth in Etsy so I paid him a 100 anyway. He didn’t lose, neither did I!

Came home, fit in a small glass inside, added some water and stuck these gorgeous roses for display. My beach chair seem to make friends with this new-old flower vase instantly and its looking like a love affair! Loving the French farmhouse chic that its lending to my little place. If only ¬†could transport this entire apartment somewhere in the South of France or Ireland or any of these lovely places, my life would have been complete. But till then, I’ll have to make do with just vignettes.

The broadcast is now over and I am off to grab some leftover dumplings for lunch. Happy week to you good people, happy week to you!

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