Happy Mother’s Day, ma, mumma {that’s what I call my MIL and I cannot tell you what a wonderful soul she is} and all the wonderful mothers out there who have voluntarily signed up for the toughest job in the world. A job that pays you nothing, keeps you awake for nights on end, keeps you worried, keeps your occupied, keeps you so mindbogglingly busy, keeps you on your toes till your last breath and yet keeps you so happy.

How did you all manage to do this? Are you guys God? You all must be!

Edited_Home_Color Palete

As I sit here tonight, writing my last post as a happy unemployed camper, I feel a pinch. No more waking up late, no more weekday wines, no more of a lot of beautiful things and watching the world go by: And no one asked me to do this! The man took up a brilliant job which suited his profile well, I was getting bored at home and I just took it up. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d make it as the community manager for one of India’s leading food chains. I just went to the interview because I had time. And then they loved my work and offered me a wonderful handsome fat you know what and everything just fell in place. And here I am back to work! Who knew.

Edited_Home_color palette

Honeymoon’s over and those were the best 8 months of my life but no qualms as I begin again. Get dressed, be the employer’s delight; helping his brand achieve new heights from 9 to 6. I’m gonna miss foofing my house though at random hours. Damn!

You all have a kickass week. I’m still to realize that break’s over!

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