Hello campers! How’ve you been holding in your neck of woods? As for me, I have voluntarily grounded myself. I wanted to do a lot of things this summer: mainly make my little apartment a little more vintage-beach house with a couple of additions and subtractions, but how does one do it when it’s blowing fire outside?

Mixing Modern & VintageMixing vintage with modern is a style I personally love and don, and it’s been a while, I have been trying to replace the day bed with a sofa and add a side table in my living room but I hardly am brave enough to dare this devil of a loo. I am a thriftier {which means I like to pick up old stuff and new stuff that looks good on the price tag} and I do not like chrome/modern, so many thanks to Durian furniture for having a range of chic lifestyle furniture that fits my budget, looks good with my décor and I won’t have to wait for it to rain to step out! This one for instance took me by my collars with its English arm and all!


See what I mean? Totally our kinda furniture!

Best part is, Durian is now #JustAClickAway {now you can view the entire inventory ONLINE} and houses a range of trad to modern furniture that they home deliver, customize according to your taste, and also assemble it for you! God bless Durian; a home décor blogger has been saved from heat waves. And of course, each Durian piece can be used in several ways as well, making it a foofer’s dream furniture {Foof! That’s a picked up term from my favorite blogger which means to rearrange things and alternate the settings of your house unnecessarily}.

For those of you who are Durian novice– Durian is an International furniture brand: a brand synonymous with creating better lifestyle in the interior space. Players in interiors & furniture since 1981, Durian is a complete lifestyle brand which caters to people with in-trend furniture, leading infrastructure and choicest veneer. The company’s decision to cater to Indian masses along with export has opened a range of great furniture to the Indian mass and the growing aesthetic consciousness of this developing country will support me in this. Loved their range, and I fell in love with this vintage chair: oh me, I can sit there, drink tea all day and judge the world. Look at its mid-century meets country kitchen legs. You have no idea a girl like me can salivate on these things.

getImage (1)But then, it’s not one’s own now, is it! There has to be 2 of everything and methinks this wonderful, minimalistic, camelback sofa in white will quite fit my bill. Yes, sir, will do fine and dandy.

There is a two seater and a three, and also single seaters that you can match for a set: I live in an apartment so 2 is where my heart melts. What really, really makes all the difference is that they have Free assembly and Delivery. Seriously, after pulling a 10 hour shift, I hardly have energy to follow up on a furniture delivery. I am glad these guys are taking care of it. And of course if you are a little tight in the wallet, Durian provides flexible EMI options which let buyers buy comfortably. Regarding warranty, you will have a 5 years of warranty and it’s all made in India! ALL OF THIS, #JustAClickAway!



Meanwhile, here’s how my modern vintage room is shaping up. You know, I don’t want it to be too vintage, nor do I want it to be too side-blindingly forced coastal schizo: just an interesting contrast of two powerful elements that mingles to give you a living space that’s tastefully relaxing.

Mixing Modern & Vintage_3

I have this 200 year old kerosene lamp which my great father used when at work {He was an engineer with the railways} and I wanted a side table to showcase this vintage piece, forever. Thanks to Durian that I found one quite similar to what I was looking for: simple, symmetrical and clear, the ZEE/34486/ B ENGROSSING DESIGN make for a lovely modern set up. With a few greens and the vintage brass lamp I can almost see it shining through!

getImage (3)


I am definitely no expert at home décor but I have a couple of easy and simple tips and tricks up my sleeve that has worked very well for me over the years and now homes that I work with enjoy it equally. Considering I am blogging modern-vintage marriage anyway, thought I’d share my bits should you ever choose to decorate your home mod-vin.

Mixing Modern & Vintage_4

Dress it up or don’t: I live in a casual space; my home is more like anthropologie and not a Chanel suite. So carved, decorated and heavy woodens are a complete no-no for my space, and if you live in a small apartment like mine. Play with accents instead to seamlessly integrate vintage with modern. I could have chosen an ornate sofa but I am going with Durian Camelback instead.

Material, Patterns & Fabric: When we say vintage, we suddenly are steered to think brass, copper, heavy, and cumbersome. It doesn’t have to be. You can bring in vintage to your room simply by following the vintage upholstery patterns or styles. One of my favorite vintage things to do is pipe my fabric or use vintage prints and crochet. Adds so much!

Mixing Modern and Vintage_5

Repurpose for things on budget: Want that perfect mix of modern and vintage? Think interesting corners and not room. If you are considering throwing away that old chair, don’t. Paint it and use it to style. Surf the flea markets, local markets for old and battered. They are full of character and go fantastic with neutral modern décor.  For example? Use an old cup to hold flowers, use an old brass toy as paperweight or simply turn an old crate to a bookcase!

Mixing Modern & Vintage_2

Stick to your style: Don’t just throw in vintage for the sake of it all. An overtly carved door might look quite odd in your country style home or a wrought iron with gold finishes might spoil your otherwise natural/coastal look. Incorporate vintage but don’t fill your space with 1920’s.

Mixing Modern & Vintage_5

Vintage Lighting & Fixtures: I am a huge fan of décor that’s stylish and functional and I love how fixtures and lighting add so much to an existing décor. When trying to mix modern and vintage, invest in vintage fixtures and lighting which effortlessly fills any space with an old world charm.


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