Goodmorning, happy Thursday and a DIY plastic bottle wall planter says hi. Welcome to trumatterland where we reuse & recycle old, battered, thrown-away everyday things into something nice and beautiful. Oh and before you categorize me as one of those ‘save the planet’ hipsters, let me come clear that I am far from being one. Yes, I do want to save the planet {I would pick up a bottle, which an ass of a man threw rolling down the windows of his expensive sedan, and also tell him its not right} but I am not into being Vegan and stop wearing leather. Maybe someday, but for now, I’m just a regular recycle girl trying to save the world one DIY at a time {not to mention budget is my friend}. So if you have old plastic mineral water bottles lying around at home, you can make these sweet wall planters from them with little or no effort. Jump in.

Collage_plastic bottle planterYou know, I had this serious “should I blog this or shouldn’t I blog this” moment with this one, considering its so simple. It’s nothing fancy,  or even mind bogglingly innovative. But then I thought of myself.  When i am looking for ideas, I am looking for executable, simple ideas that can be made in a jiffy over big, boisterous makeovers that maybe a thousand times better. So, yeah, it makes to the blog! A DIY Plastic Bottle Wall Planter makes it to the wall of fame!

FlowerSo, this is what you will need:

Plastic bottles

Exacto knife

Spray paint

Plant of your choice

A nail

A candle

How to make a DIY wall planter

First, take your plant and see how much height it will need to stay comfortable in the plastic bottle. You do not want to cram the roots down or expose them. Unless of course you are using cactus or succulents in which case you can keep the height of the bottle really low.

Next, cut the bottles as shown in the second photo. Basically, keep a sliver of plastic at the back where you will make a hole and hang it and cut the rest in a round. This might be able to clear that confusion.


Next, heat a nail over candle and make a hole for hanging. I am never throwing away bottles again. EVER. And with this simple trick you shouldn’t either unless they are paying you 5 bucks a bottle in which case, rise up and make money 😉

plastic bottle planter 5

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