Hello. y’all! How have you been keeping? We have a little less of sunshine and we can see rain clouds rollin’ in so life’s good.

Actually life has been good, in general too! This year- contrary to how I generally am {you know, shying away from people and all}- I am doing a bit more networking. Haha, okay, not like I’m scheduling meetings and all but generally meeting more people who share my areas of interest. For example? Met this wonderful guy Abhishek, who is a chef and an entrepreneur at 42spices, and now, had a chance to speak to the wonderful Rina Nathani, who spearheads an online search and discovery platform that enables you to find the right classes or courses to fuel your hobby! I am so inspired by them and what they do that I personally feel you should know them too! And of course, you are looking for a place to find curated lifestyle, and art & craft educators near your home or office, or compare a few viable options in Mumbai, this is the website to be.

The girl behind the wonderful concept

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If you are into art and crafts, you know how extremely difficult it is to find someone to teach you something you so want to learn. There are listed people on Justdial and Sulekha but most of them either do not teach near you, doesn’t have a branch, charges too high or is too far away. That entire process of calling and asking and figuring sort of bores you to a level where you completely drop the idea. Findurclass.com eliminates all the cross platform searches and brings you more than 7000 classes to choose from, under one roof.

This is fantastic!

So I got a bit chatty with Rina and asked her what would differentiate her website from the likes of justdial? Here it is from the horse’s mouth,

Findurclass.com and it is a search and discovery platform that enables you to find the RIGHT activity or hobby class. With over 7000 classes to choose from in Mumbai , you can easily search for a class by interest, age group, price, location etc in just a few clicks. We cover the entire range of extracurricular activities across various interests – art & craft, sports & adventure, fitness & health, cooking, dance, music and singing, beauty& fashion, photography, languages, education, film and acting – you name it. A key differentiating factor for the platform is also that educators are curated for things like safety and security, hygiene, convenience, and instructor quality – criteria that are important when you are going to spend your time and money on a class. Curated classes have been scored and a quick 2 minute video is posted online with instructor interview, class in progress and testimonials. We  also offer free trials and discounts for many classes.”


Man, back in 2010, when I started this blog, I was dying to find clay and learn how to make things out of clay and there was nothing. This is a huge advantage to people like me who dons many hats when it comes to art & craft. I happen to show this to my sister who is perennially bogged down with managing a teenage son and a very demanding daughter, and who hates researching online. Surprisingly with findurclass she has picked quite a few classes on quilling herself! So I asked her. How do you think this is different? She brought out a fantastic point:


“See, this is a better search experience. I do not have to google, do not have to check each site and information and validate the same,. In addition they also have relevant information around my hobby and various tutorials  that I can read  to purse my passion even if I don’t want to join a class.”

I guess that is precisely the reason for its success. It’s the enriched user experience that is making all the difference. Hit findurclass.com and you are routed to a homepage where you have 11 broad hobby pillars to choose from and 15 sub pillars in each {For example: under art& craft you have niche classes listed such as calligraphy, paper craft, paper punch and also origami} to aid your search. Just click, and you have a page with choice of classes with GPS location. Click on any and you are taken to the details of that particular educator along with various other classes and educators near that location. For example, if you click on a class that’s in Bandra East, the main result will help you find more classes in Bandra East. Wow! All good things are happening when I am old.

FYI, the class also furnishes you with the status of the class or batch, criteria for joining, age limit to join and the days on which you can avail classes.

This, is seriously a new level of EXPLORE . ENRICH . EXCEL.

Find their blog here: http://www.findurclass.com/blog/

Findurclass is also on Facebook and Twitter, and you can find them here:



Now, go learn! No more excuses!

Thank you Rina for giving us a little sneakpeak into your wonderful venture that powers people to save time and learn.


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